Brick work moving above damp proof course

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blimey even I would have to concede:eek: it looks a decent job

you sure u did that Noseall :idea:
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When I saw the OP's picture I immediately thought of Yozzer in Boys from the Black Stuff.

"Giz a job? I can do that, giz a job. Go on giz a job I can do that."

And the result was similar to Melindas' wall.
Out of interest, obviously on the runs you work to a line, how do you go about the curve? just by eye?
Yes, but it was a fiddle. In order to mimic the privet hedge that was there, it was telling me to exit the pillar the same but opposite to the other pillar. I tried but it looked waz. So I set it out as you see and it took several messings about with bricks trying to get even cranks in every brick - and that is the art. I was able to use full length bricks for most of the curve then went to snap headers for the severe bit. There is exactly one extra full brick in the outer part of the curve than the inner part. Every curve brick is laid, levelled and plumbed. The secret to a good looking curve is even off-set in every brick and dead plumb and level.
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