Bristan cold shower

30 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
I have a bristan showerbar,the booklet says comet but i can't find this model,the shower is cold,i removed the cartridge and it seems ok as is the boiler,pressure etc,all other water outlets are hot.I run the water without the cartridge in and there wasn't a lot of hot water coming through,any ideas please.
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any isolation valves fitted which are not fully open? or a chechk valve? or a filter/cartridge partially blocked??
We have had it about a year and it was working fine till recently so no valves etc have been touched
The Bristan Comet was a bar valve from memory, is your a bar style??

If it is the Comet bar valve, there should be a grub screw on the underside of the temperature handle. Undo this and the cartridge should pull out.

Once you pull it out there are two filter meshes which you can give a once over but at the base there is a hex nut. I think there is two different cartridges for this, one plastic, one brass.

On the brass one i think the nut is inverted so a small box spanner is require i think its like 8-9mm across the exterior flats but check first.

On the plastic one the nut is external and any adjustable spanner should fit.

Once the nut is removed you can get to the thermostat piston out, clean it and regrease it and fingers crossed the cartridge should start working again.

Hope this is of some help to you

: ) :)
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Thanks for the reply,i have removed the cartridge and it seems ok
Yes it looks ok,i noticed that the bar gets hot but when i removed the cartridge and run the shower i put my finger inside and there wasn't a lot of hot water coming through the showerbar
Ah ha! Then you could just be look at a blockage in the body, are you able to iso an remove the shower fromt he wall?

If so it might be worth checking out the hot inlet with a pipe cleaner for blockages.
I'll give it a go thanks,before i do are there any filters where the pipework meets the bar?
Normally there would be a filter in each inlet, your right be careful as they normally drop out when you remove the bar, sorry forgot to say that.

But don't worry if they are lost/dropped give Bristan a ring, they are rapid with spares and staff are quite friendly.

Hope you get your shower back up and running soon.
Thanks for your help i'll let you know how it goes,thanks again
I removed the showerbar from the wall and ran the water which was hot coming from the pipes,i also stripped the cartridge down again and it was ok.All the filters were clean so i reattached the showerbar to it's wall fittings and ran the shower again,no difference to temperature.So i know there is hot water feed,the filters are clear and the cartridge is working,i'm lost.
Ok so its time to call Bristan, My feeling is the cartridge thermostat is sticking.

Give Bristan a ring on 0844 701 6273 they should be able to send you a replacement cartridge.

Hope yopu have some luck
Been in touch with Bristan and they want proof of purchase which i don't have as the shower was built into the flat when it was built 3 years ago.Thanks for your help
For anyone who has this problem and who is looking for an answer, I went through all this including getting a new cartdidge. However when it happened again all I did was to clean up the outside of the part of the cartridge and grease it ( get this from your plumbers) and it works a treat.

If you are having problems getting the cartridge out, as the nut is very thin, get yourself a 30mm box spanner from E-Bay

Yes it is a design faullt but easy to fix.

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