British gas supplied Ideal boilers

3 May 2006
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United Kingdom
I had a whole new heating system fitted by british gas with an Ideal isar HE 30, it broke down (pressure dropping and turning off no leaks) was replaced, then this one has started making screeching noises when it is used, engineer says it is heat exchanger. We have told BG we want a Bosch worcester greenstar 30cdi or 40 cdi, we have been told they are good, are they? If not can someone suggest one as I am going MAD, problems since jan 23rd!!!! :(
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If they have offered you the greenstar as a replacement I would take it, the recent isars have been the worst of the model run.
I think it is a good swap also, but, they are willing to put what ever we want in cos of the problems, is the 35 or 40 cdis the best or can I go better? :confused:
They are the same boiler with a different heat output so it depends on the potential requirements of your property. I think they are also BGs installation boiler of choice at the moment. Did ideal not come out to look at the boiler?, I would be amazed if BG offered a replacement without letting them try to sort out their rubbish first.
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Yep, ideal came out and looked at it and then swapped it with much persuasion, then it broke again and BG engineer coudent believe it had only been in 3 days, ideal r dragging heels with bg. All new no old stuff so they cant blame us. BG only pulling their finger out because i threatened them with my solicitor! Is a 3 bed house, 8 radiators, bath and shower, just want a reliable one! R the greenstars one of the best going or are other makes better?
I like the greenstars, but if you ask 20 guys on here you will get 20 different opinions and recommendations (except the one comedian who will post next to agree with me :LOL: )
I will agree with you ollski, because I don't do domestic.

:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :evil:
I would be amused if you would post details of your experiences with the Ideal boilers on the IDHEE forum.

There have been several critical postings about Ideal boilers there recently.

One of their members is someone quite "senior" at Ideal and its good for him to see the experiences of users of their products.

Oh look at that another Isar breaking down after being installed for 5 minutes. Surprise surprise...
It is a really long story so I will post it but i need time to sort it all out or it will be muddled! Basically BG put the buck on Ideal and vice versa, no one can give me any answers and they just keep giving me other managers numbers so I end up explaining everything 100x over!

The bill for the whole system was 4700, but I have been getting money off cos of problems and have no intentuon of paying them until I have seen it working for a substantial period of time!

BG are now saying they can only give us one of similar spec to the ideal isar 30HE, so they have offered the bosch worcester greenstar 28i junior or the 30 cdi, from the various websites on tech stuff and the problems posted on the forum i think the cdi is better, can anyone advise, i am looking for realiability I know the flow rate etc will be better?

Its always a lottery when you choose a boiler. Most work fine and the odd one gives lots of problems.

In spite of your experiences I am sure that there are hundreds if Isars working away somewhere.

Its just unfortunate that ACO whose firm maintain about 1000 of them have has such bad reliability that they are often changing them after only three years.

However, I dont understand why it was not possible to get the first isar going. That usually implies an engineer who was unable to diagnose the fault. You needed someone from their design team and you probably only got a "parts changer" who did not know which part to change!

You should suggest to BG that, as a reputable company, they should provide the best spec boiler as some compensation for all the problems you have had. The greater heat output of 35 kW would be a start!

Basically, the first 30HE we had stopped working and the BG engineer fobbed us off saying it was because the wireless thermostat was not on the wall, it was on the floor as we are re-plastering, we had no CH or HW, then it started working on its own but we hadnt touched it! Then it went again, pressure falling lots of different error messages coming up, no leaks, engineer was here for 1 hr, said there was problem with heat exchanger and leaking through condensate pipe??? He said he would contact his manager, who contacted Ideal, they came round and changed all the electrics in it, it started backfiring and error meassages coming up, no CH or HW for 3 days b4 someone came, they said needed a new heat exchanger, we said no want a complete new boiler. Ideal came round again and fitted new boiler, now it is screeching when ever the CH or HW is on, BG engineer came round again and we said we did not want it fixed we wanted another make of boiler, he suggested greenstars, we did research and looked ok, now trying to get one, that is where we are now!

I think this is about right, I have kept a log of everything, this all started at the end of jan.

I just want one that worksd for more than 5 mins!

R u suggesting that a 30 is not good enough and we should have 35 or above? I dont think they want to do that cos of the price difference, but I am at the stage of getting a solicitor involved, so it makes no difference to me!
8 Rads.....£4700...nice work if you can get it ;) Centrica Vs. Tesco on the Plain of Meggedo.......for the title of 666 :LOL: :LOL: Maybe the JW`s are right ;)

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