27 Feb 2006
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Can you please help me. I have a British Gas Combi Boiler manufactured by Bosch. Model No. is ZWBR 11-37 ICC2. It was installed by British Gas on 1st May 2002 and has been maintained by British Gas since then. To start with we had fault code F7 when a red light flashes and the display asks to press reset button. British Gas engineer found no fault and we continued to reset the boiler. After that fault code A1 appeared and the boiler had no pressure thus no heating or hot water. This has happened couple of times. British Gas engineer changed some electrodes and this did not help. Water pressure continues to drop and the British Gas engieers have been coming and going but no one has yet found the exact problem. They think water is leaking under the floor but we can't find any wet or damp patch. There is no water out the over flow either. Last time the engineer came and told that they want shot the heating to see if the water leak is in the house or the boiler has problem. This is nearly after 3/4 months. We are old and infirm couple and can not live without heat or hot water. So I have to add water to the boiler almost very day. We have Home Care agreement with British Gas covering the central heating system, plumbing and electricity.
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I would put money on the leak coming from the heat cell. Seen and repaired loads of these. They can leak internally inside the combustion chamber. The water then just drains through the condense and you would never know. The easiest way to check is an hour before bed turn the boiler OFF, turn the flow and return valves at the bottom of the boiler to the off position. Make a note of the system pressure. In the morning have a look at the pressure gauge. If it has dropped then the boiler is leaking. If it hasn't dropped, but drops when opening the valves back then it's the system leaking.

Hope this helps James
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Chris Weston

Home care is like an insurance policy, but does not seem to be covered by the insurance ombudsman. I can only guess it is underwritten by British Gas. Their website suggests Sale of Goods Act and Trading Standards are your route for redress.
The louder you complain, the better the service offered.
Involve Citizens Advice Bureau, Help the Aged, your local MP.
Write to BG big-wigs to give them a chance of solving your problem.
Start a journal of all visits. Dates, times, names and a summary of what was said. Offer it to the engineer for signing, just to avoid any misunderstanding. Enter 'Mr J Bloggs??Declined to sign' if applicable.
I do hope you strike lucky and get an engineer with a concience.
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All companies heating covers are maintenace contracts rather than insurance and the ombudsman has no juristriction.
As I see it the problem is that the pressure drops and nobody has yet found the leak, jim has given you the probable solution and it may be worth mentioning it as it's a known fault, it's easy for an engineer to have an idea in mind and get stuck on it. If you are having problems ring in with a complaint and explain you would like a tse (lead engineer). If the fault codes have only come on a couple of times in 4 years I don't think I would be overly concerned.

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