Building regulations drawings.

17 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
I have had an architect design an extension and get planning permission granted.

I now need a building regulation drawing and working drawings produced tender list and contract to be drawn up. The original architect has given me what i see as a crazy price for this towards 10k.....

Can you get someone to draw these up and produce the working drawings or does it really need to be the original architects? what is a reasonable price for this? 10k is surely excessive.

Build cost will be approx 120k plus VAT. Two storey extension 10 x 4m plus changing stair case and repositioning. Bathroom moving and 2 ensuites new gates and drive outside if that needs regs.
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Yes you can someone else to produce Building Regs drawings from scratch, probably around £1000 -£1500.

If you want full working drawings, specification etc. to take project out to tender to include contract administration then add a further £1000 - £2000ish. Most people just get quotes based on the Building Regs drawings.

£10,000 fee is bonkers.
Perhaps the OP could enlighten us what they paid architect for the planning drawings?
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About 4.5k so far........

OUCH! now the the £10k makes sense. The architect seems to put an extra zero on the end of his bills. (and it's not even in London)

You seriously need to get a new architect or architectural designer.
I had 4 quotes from architects and although they were the most expensive not by much. prices ranged from 3600 to 4500 for RIBA stages 1-3. I have no issue with the cost as they have designed something that doesnt just add awkward space, but makes the most of the building as a spacious bright home. I had a quote from a plan drawer and a sketch of his proposal and it was awkward, poorly designed and looked generally a bit poor.. im pretty convinced i could have done better if im honest and he wanted 800 quid for that.

I didnt really understand the process but now they have quoted nearly 10k for stages 4-6.. not including the cost of structural engineers and any other specialist reports required.
Well if you will insist on using registered architects you can't really complain about the size of the bill. Those whacky bow ties, brightly coloured spectacles and bohemian dress sense don't come cheap you know.
Remember that unless the Architect is a one man band, then the practice will almost certainly have a technician, and it is the technician who actually does the building regs drawings. Or the one man band even subs the work out to a technician. Basically, an Architect may not be as conversant with building regs as you may think.

If this is a pretty standard design, then any plan drawer can do the building regs drawings. The problem comes when there is some fancy design work which needs interpreting and translating into workable design details - as then the new guy needs to understand the previous designers thinking and concept.

One other thing to bare in mind, is whether the Architect has or claims copyright on the design. In the past, I've been reluctant to use someone else's drawings to complete a design or do building regs plans, unless the client produces evidence that he owns the copyright or a licence is given to copy and adapt someone else's plans.
It sounds like two different things. Your architect has apparently priced to design and detail everything to a high specification - reflecting the 120k build cost - and administrate the contract. But now it seems you don't want any of that. You just want some building regs drawings.

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