Building regulations for partial internal wall insulation and for tying external wall to internal w

17 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
Hello hope you can advise here.
I'm doing 2 jobs that may require Building Regs approval. I didn't think to check before I started.

The first one is internal wall insulation. My house is mid terrace and cavity wall front and back. There is an alleyway on the ground floor between each house (access to back garden)and this wall is double brick solid wall and holds 2 fireplaces. My plan is to insulate the wall internally either side of the chimney brest. I've done 1/4 of the work. When complete this will cover about 66% of the wall in the alley the other 33% being the chimney brests and in total this is about 15% of the external wall area of the whole house. I'm confused by regs saying 25% of a wall. Is it 25% of the walls of the house or 25% of an individual wall.

Next job I'm doing is tying in my front external wall to an internal wall as the external wall is bowing out. I've pretty much done this job altogether. Would this have needed building regs approval?

Many thanks

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