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21 Jan 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi. This is my first post. I am wanting to get a burglar alarm which can be monitored by myself on my phone. No contract. Basically when the alarm triggers I get a notification and then also I want to be able to remotely disable it or enable it. I have read about the texecom kit and also pyronix kit but when I have visited the app store to look at feedback. Both alarm users have given a lot of negative feedback basically having difficulty to get it to work correctly and wish they hadn't purchased. Anyone here can recommend which alarm is better for an Android user. It doesn't have to be oneof the systems above. If you know a better alarm please suggest it. Which alarm has the best app for an android mobile phone. But I don't want to spend a lot of money having it installed and then the app is touch and go. Thanks for your help.
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Hi manjo. Thanks for your reply but it's not really helpful as you haven't answered my question. If I purchase a product I expect it to perform its job. If the company designed a product to send alarm notifications to my phone them that's what I would expect it to do 99.9% of the time otherwise it is not fit for purpose. Anyway I have continued researching and have come across another alarm whose app seems to get favourable reviews. Honeywell galaxy. Any one have any experience. My old alarm (previous home) was a texecom veritas which would telephone me with a message whenever the alarm activated.
You tend to find people how have issues with things for one reason or another tend to leave poor reviews .
People how do not have issues tend not to review.
Alarm system that use smart technology have all had issues and they are getting better day by day.
People want their systems to do everything and this will come in time.
There is nothing wrong with Texecom and Pyronix systems generally poor set up or customer not knowing what to do .
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Both those systems are very complex and not suitable for an inexperienced person to install. I speak as someone with a degree in electronics who had to reinstall a badly fitted Texecom alarm.

If you want something simple, get yourself one of the smart home cameras that will call you when it sees an intruder.

Or pay a professional to do a professional job.
I am wanting to get a burglar alarm which can be monitored by myself on my phone. No contract. Basically when the alarm triggers I get a notification and then also I want to be able to remotely disable it or enable it.

I have a Honeywell Galaxy G2-12 (12 zone, larger capacity versions are available) and use a service called Selfmon via a phone app (or any other internet for that matter). It gives full control of the alarm panel as if I was standing at the keypad in the hallway, so I can tell which zone triggered an alarm etc as well as arming/disarming.

The alarm is a well respected piece of kit and isn't expensive - maybe about £30 new on ebay, but obviously it also needs a panel battery, siren, keypad etc as well as your sensors. You can buy a version of the keypad which has Keyprox - keyfobs used to set/unset at the keypad - really handy when you come home with bags full of shopping, or with gloves on etc.

It cost £50 for the Selfmon module, which connects between my alarm panel and my internet router, then £1 per month to use the service. I can have alerts via text message/email/voice calls as per my customisation. The one quid covers unlimited emails and 20 text message notifications, IIRC extra texts are 5p each, and I can't remember how much voice calls are. There's no cost to connect to your panel - just for any notifications you've set.

I've used it for about 5 years now and the only times it has not worked is the handful of occasions when my router has thrown a flaky. There are a few happy users on here, and I have no affiliation to the company other than being a happy customer.

Google Selfmon for more info.
Wrt to notifications, failures happen, if programmed correctly for the following reasons.

1. Cons device fails to send signal out.
In a power cut anything using the internet via a router/hub connected to to mains electric with no back up power.

2. Servers handling the signals failed

3. Smart device receiving the notification isn’t configured correctly.
No internet connection
Poor signal
Low power

All of the above have happened with all providers of such services.

The reliability has improved for day to day use, down times are being addressed and minimised.

Wrt to Android there are settings within the phone that wake an app up when it receives a notification, when Oreo got updated many apps like what’s app suffered. Prior to the wake up auto start being switched on notifications came through for x minutes then stopped. With it turned on as far as I am aware it hasn’t failed except when there is a fault somewhere else within the system.

iOS has issues after updates and rebooting the device resolved those.

I have even known dual path devices fail but it becomes less likely.

Systems that are correctly installed configured commissioned and serviced are less likely to have issues than systems that aren’t.
Hi. Thanking you all for your replies. Sorry to respond so late. There was a death in my family. So taking into consideration your replies I am now down to choosing between 2 panels the honeywell galaxy or the texecom premier 24. What do you recommend. Which one to have installed. Thanks again.
Hi MrT2, ive got the Texecom Premier Elite 24 with an external GSM dialler and ComIP installed. I got full control of the panel via the Texecom Panel app where i get full notifications and full control. I can part arm and full arm with one keypress on the app and the keypad itself. Have also installed Wintex on my laptop to query/program the panel. Hope this helps.
Hi Rudie. Thanks for the reply. Is that on an Android phone. If that is then I'm going to go for the texecom premier elite.
It’s on iOS but sure you can get it on Android. Just search for Texecom and see if it has the keypad app.

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