c and k securitech co23-203 iss-1

I dont no what the engineer code is with out the manual , but when i put the that 7890 code in it go's straight to instant set, so that code must mean some thing, i will have to try them other codes to see if they clear the fault that you have sent me .
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when i put the code xxxx*8 in i got a different tone come up so i will have to give it a try, but have a quess what the children have gone to bed, so thanks for your time and patience i will let you know.
Hi mate, right then i have tried a couple of things, be cause i dont no the engineer code i put that 7890 in and got a differnt tone and at first i got the bleep bleep tone as the normal set tone , but after trying it a couple of times it seems to have gone back to instant set without the warning tone before hand, i have now tried code *8 and code*0 and also 7890 but they all go stright to instant set , i have not yet left it to see if the ex speaker go's off after putting the code in and leaving it for a length of time, i have been trying to get hold of the opperating manual but can't get one. not to sure wat to do now ? sorry to be a pain.
Hello again.
After all that do you know if you need to be in front of the p-i-r making the light come on when setting the alarm on the exit ?
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Sounds like the engineer code is default 7890 If you get a exit tone from it , depends on version you would now open the main box to enter engineer mode , try covering the entry PIR and setting the system , what happens ?
When i cover pir up on the exit it seem to set with the bleep tone as it should do, but when i set the alarm under the pir and don't pick me up it set's instant it looks like the pir has been knocked with it being next to the cuboard in the kitchen, i can't remember if the red light on the key pad on zone 1 is ment to be lit wen putting the code in on exit ?

What is it you mean when you say open up the the main box to enter the engineer mode do you mean where the battery is ?
Yes cover PIR enter engineer code if it starts bleeping go to main box open lid it should stop and day light flashes, type in 7 on keypad if 3 is lit along with other lights press 3 and it go out , now press * box up main box and * to exit now remove cover from PIR and try to set system.
A up mate, i tell you what you certainly know your stuff, when you say open the lid on the main box do you mean where all the wires go to and where the battery is, its just that i have got the small key pad with the flap in the kitchen, and the main box is up stairs in the cuboard and that means the pir in the hall way will pick me up and when i open the door on the main box up stairs it will set the alarm off,
Sorry if i am coming across a bit thick,i haven't got much idea about of this side of the alarm and you seem very cleaver. : :oops:
Cover up the PIR with a cloth or cardboard and yes enter 7890 then open up the box with battery , you may need to be quick depending on version or get someone to type in the code while you are upstairs
Hello again,
Just to update you, i have tested the alarm several times and set the alarm the last two days and it seems to be working fine, ( fingers crossed ) so i would just like thank you once again for your help , time and patient, it's been so kind of you so thank you very much, and take care :D

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