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19 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
OK, some time ago I rewired my house, with a sparky installing a new CU on the wall of my understairs cupboard and myself then putting in the new rings and lighting circuits by myself. All of the cables reached the understairs cupboard via the void under the wooden hallway floor. Unfortuntately the cupboard under the stairs has a concrete floor so as a temporary thing I simply brought the cables up in the hallway (the wooden floor is soon to be replaced) then straight into the cupboard under the stairs. This resulted in the cables laying across the floor of the cupboard before going up the wall to the CU. Obviously I have not been using the cupboard under the stairs whilst the cables were in this state but now I am about to replace the hallway floor so at the same time I want to put the cables in thier permanent position. The attatched diagram should crudely show the current situation:

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So my question would be can I simply (!) bury the cables in the concrete floor? If so how deep do I have to take them and what protection do I have to give them? Once they are buried how are they supposed to stick out of the floor? Is it sufficient to just have each cable just sticking out of the concrete? Do I have to have a certain spacing?

As this is the cupboard under the stairs my other thought was to simply put in floating wooden floor and lay the cables loose under this false floor. Again is there any thing to take into account when doing this?

Apololgies for the tons of ??'s but the guide I have seen on the web all relate to burying cables in walls and I was wondering if there is any difference when doing it in the floor...
You can bury cables directly in concrete, but for maintainance purposes it would be much, much, better to cast in some pipe or conduit, or to avoid unwiring all the ends as they are already in, use some trunking with a removable side, as then they can be pulled through if a replacement or new cable is ever required. Also leave in a draw rope for the cable that time forgot. :LOL:
Is there enough room to place such a channel ~2" below the final concrete surface, in which case nothing else needs to be done. (other than knocking a brick out possibly where the pipe goes below the wooden floor)
Otherwise a false floor of at least 2" clearance over the wires , preferably a bit more (the thinking is that no-one will use a 2" carpet nail )
If you cut into the concrete, will you damage the damp course? - if so you will need to paint the channel with bitumen or lay a new DPC in it, before placing your new pipe/trunking whatever. TO me it looks like an SDS-drill/ Kango/disk cutter job, best done before fitting the floor dust would be an issue !!
OK, defective word removed. no CH in bitumen :oops:
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