Can combi microwave be repaired?

14 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom
Our AEG integrated combi microwave went bang the other day! The oven and grill are still working but the microwave is not. It is about 12 years old. Any idea what the problem might be and can it be repaired?
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Likely to be a magnetron issue, they can be repaired. Not really a DIY job as these appliance hold a charge and can give you a shock even when off.
Thanks. Do you know where I might take it for it to be repaired? And do you think it is worth it, given its age - 12 years?
The part could be £100+ and labour £60. So it would depend if you consider that as a cost effective option against buying new?
I am sure there will be an electrical appliance repair facility at a local (to you) electrical appliance store.
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What do you mean by bang? There's a long 1 Amp internal fuse that often blows in microwaves but it doesn't go with a bang. Just leaves the oven visually appearing to work but without actually heating anything. Magnetron will also show same symptoms as said above but it's possibly worth checking the fuse inside if there is someone competent since that's the cheap option.

If it really did go with a bang then I would think it's bye bye to it.

We have now purchased a new microwave but cannot work out how to get the old one out! We cannot see any screws anywhere. Can anyone advise me about this? Also, do we need to get a professional to install it? If we can find out how to get the old one out, is it simply a matter of plugging the new one in?
Normally they are not fixed and just slide out of he housing.
With regards to installing it, that would depend on how the existing one and new one are fixed. It maybe a case of a simple plug in. But sometime housed appliances are on fused connection as there is not enough room for a plug.
For regards to getting the old one out, have a look for concealed screws round the sides, perhaps hidden behind decorative plinths. Having the model number of the old microwave would help better with this issue.

As for installing the new one, it may just plug in or may required to be hard wired using T&E cable. What is the new Combi-microwaves model number, does it come with flex wire pre-attached or not, how is the old one wired?

Wiring the new one in using T&E providing the old one was wired in T&E should be straight forward providing it's KW rating is not greater than the old one, else one would need to re-do the diversity calculations for the cooking appliances that are on the circuit what feeds the new microwave to work out if it is a simple swap or not.

The T&E cable feeding the new microwave and any other appliances on the same circuit should of course be suitable for the OCPD protecting it (The cable).
Thanks for those comments. We found a tiny black plastic piece that lifted off to reveal a screw. It was then easy to slide the microwave out and it had just been connected with a simple plug. Now just got to put the new one in and hopefully it will be as simple.
Now just got to put the new one in and hopefully it will be as simple.

What is the power rating of the new Combi Microwave, If it is over 13Amps (Approx 3000 Watts) then it will not be suitable for wiring to a plug and will need to be hard wired in.
Thanks for your concern. The new one is a Russell Hobbs combi, from Argos, and the lead has a plug on it. Instructions say just to plug it in so hopefully it is OK. I did pay to get a kitchen fitter to install it just in case it needed anything special. In fact my husband and I could have done it but we thought it better to be safe. Now just got to get a piece of matching unit to cover the space above it as the new one is not as high as the old one, but was the best integrated one we could find for our space.
And to get rid of the old one. Hoping the tip will take it. Thanks again

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