Can Dot and Dab Plasterboard amplify sound?

10 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
As title, can Dot and Dab plasterboard on a party wall amplify sound from neighbours TV which is mounted on party wall?

House is 3 storey, 2008 build, dot and dab each side with large thermolite blocks and (im guessing) a cavity inbetween.

Neighbour has mounted their tv on the party wall and its bloody noisy.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the PB acting as an amplifier? Im to decorate this room shortly so would like to get some ideas on how to reduce the noise, not just of the tv, but of the neighbours in general.

Would removing the PB and building a false stud wall work? Or dampening the PB in some way? Filling the cavity with expanding foam or sand to stop it amplifying the sounds.

Anyone have any experience they would like to share?
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Dazza Jones, good evening.

As for the wall mounted TV, yes they will transfer sound.

The metal wall frame which is fixed into the thermalite block? will act as a transfer point, the dot and dab will also resonate to sounds within the neighbours room and also because of the proximity of the TV any sound can be again transmitted or slightly amplified.

if the TV is sited over an area which has a dot then the direct transfer between metal frame and plaster direct to the blocks and onward??

As for what can be done on your side?

Fix more "soundblock" plasterboard on to the existing dot dab on your side?

leave the existing plasterboard in place and erect a free standing frame with soundblock plasterboard and neoprene between floor and frame?

if there was a cheap, narrow answer to this problem someone somewhere would make a fortune? this is a perennial modern home issue.

Thanks Ken.
I thought about making a floating frame and removing the existing dot and dab and so reducing the resonance plus isolating the wall. The wall would be back to block but wouldnt matter as it wouldnt be seen due to the floating wall. Another consideration is that i have a radiator on the wall. Removing the dot and dab would allow me to get at the pipes and relocate.

The other thing woul dbe to add mass to the existing wall. I dont want to add more PB to the existing due to the radiator. Ive tried searching for any info on adding sand to dampen it down inside the cavity of the dot n dab but came up with nothing, that is probably for a reason! haha
Kiln dried sand should be easy to pour in. Might push your board off though!!
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Agree, mass is the best way of attenuation [always wanted to use that word on this site?]

As Ian H above probably will just push the plasterboard of the wall.but all depends on width between block work and plasterboard which will not be much? result could be very, very hit and miss as to fill getting into all areas?

I have the feeling that a stand of frame, not in "direct contact" with the floor and ceiling [neoprene or similar cushioning] with Soundblock plasterboard? in 2 layers??

If you have a look on the British Gypsum website they have various systems for upgrading existing walls for sound insulation.

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