Cannot find filling loop for HeatLine CaprizPlus 24a - Help!

21 Feb 2019
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United Kingdom
I need to repressurize my boiler as it is showing the error code 0.0 Bar and the bar is below 1.

I have looked under the boiler and cannot find the filling loop and also below the boiler in the cupboards. is it possible it is connected underneath my kitchen sink? There is a silver pipe which looks like the filling loop here...

Please see the pictures below. Any answers I would be very grateful!


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Would be better putting a picture up of the silver pipe your talking about, chances are that will be it. is it a flexible pipe with valves on each side?
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Tricky one Batman- that manual says the filling loop should be under the boiler, one end connected to the 2nd pipe from the right (the cold water supply) the other end connected to either of the 2 outside pipes (flow or return). But there's no sign of it in your pics.....can't see a flexi under your kitchen sink even on full zoom. It could be under there (it could be in the bathroom but that'd be another stupid place to put it )- get a torch and a mirror and see if there is a flexi with a tap in there- one end will be connected to the cold tap pipe, the other end to one of the heating pipes. If you can't see anything and there is a tap on the flexi which is OFF at the moment then turn it on and listen- gushing splashing water would be bad, a general water moving sound probably OK. Turn it off after 10 seconds, see if the pressure gauge has moved. If it has the hurrah, keep going til the thing is at pressure.

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