Cannot Open Front Door

7 Jan 2013
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hi All,

I cannot open the front door. It is a UPVC fairly standard door which opens outwards. The mechanism had been getting stiff when the handle pushed up before locking and then one day it would not disengage the locks when pushed down. I think the lower pins are disengaging but not the upper ones as I can pull open the door slightly at the bottom and the door flexes a bit, but it is not possible to separate it from the frame at all at the top.

I cannot work out what to do other than to remove the inner panel and jigsaw the door edge resulting in a new door being required. I have removed the inner panel and there are some screw heads, would removing those help in any way?

Has anyone got any helpful tips?

Thanks in Advance :rolleyes:
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Hi funklet,

Personally I would get a local independent double glazing company to give me some advise before doing anything too drastic. If I was desperate I would squirt WD 40 into every orifice (on the door that is) I could find and then wack the handle up and down a few times, but I guess you have tried that!
If your door does not have hinge protectors/bolts/lugs inside the frame on the hinge side you might be able to drive out the hinge pins and with help, they are darn heavy, slip that side out giving you enough space to get something in to flick the top bolts back.
Some doors do have lugs some not unfortunately you will not know until the door is open. Do any of your neighbours have the same door fitted you can look at to see what it's like?

Best wishes,
Try taking the hinges off and then you may be able to force a gap, enough to get a recipricating saw in with a metal blade.
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Could it be that the door has gradually dropped over time? Have you tried lifting the door, maybe with some kind of leverage under the bottom edge (from outside as it's outward opening)? Might then just need the hinge fixings loosening & retightening while the door is lifted, again with some leverage.
Always try the basic stuff first before resorting to hammers and saws!

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