Can't load big files to usb flash drive?

19 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom
I've got a 16GB pen drive but when I tried to drag a 10GB file on there it said there wasn't enough space. I've reformatted the drive and it still comes up as having 15.2GB of free space??

The largest file I can drag on to it is about 4GB. I seem to remember a RAM issue not so long about 32-bit XP PCs only being able to see up to 4GB of RAM because that was the limit of their addressing. Is this whats causing it?

How can I copy my file?
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4GB is the maximum file size of the FAT filesystem. You'll need to format the drive as NTFS.
Thanks, but the format drop down only allows FAT32. And if I format it as NTFS will I still be able to move files between two PCs that are both running 32-bit XP?
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