Car Battery

8 Jan 2011
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United Kingdom
My car battery is literally dead as a dodo so I plan on buying either a new one or a second hand one

I know if I buy a new one it will last for the full duration a battery is expected to but....

has anyone ever bought a 2nd hand battery and had many years from it?

New battery is £45 but if I can get one for £10 or £15 second hand I might consider it

Any info would be great
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Enter, stage right, (hopefully) our very own resident battery guru birkee :cool:
Personally, I don't go for second hand may get one thats fine, but on the other hand you don't know its age or history. A bit like second hand tyres, really.
Buy a second hand battery if you intend to get rid of the car ;)
John :)
Never buy a second hand battery! They're generally leaky and very unreliable. Buying a new battery will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.
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buy a good reputable battery, brand new. its not much of a saving anyway. £40 extra to buy a good quailty battery is worth every penny in my view.

I bought a cheap one 6months ago, and began having Starting up probs 2 months down the line. turned out that the battery blew a cell. I cut my loss and went for a top of the range Bosch battery £65 and what a difference. When i turn the key now the car has this massive start boost, where as the older battery had this kind of weak start.

go for a good battery trust me