Car blowing in hot air when blower is set to cool/cold.

18 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom
I have a very basic ford ka 54 reg. Only about 33,000 miles on clock. On warm or hot days when selecting the cool air option on the dial, It starts blowing out cool air but then starts throwing out hot air. forcing me to turn it off and suffering a roasting hot car. Damn nuisence! It can't be the fuse as i can hear the blower motor clearly when turning blower on. Anybody got any idea whats going on and can i easily rectify this problem myself? Thanks.
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If its the same as the Fiesta it has an electrically controlled water valve and they seem to fail quite regularly although usually on cold. If you check where the heater pipes go through the bulkhead you should see it. Otherwise it will have an air control flap in the heater which will either be controlled by a cable or electric motor.

I expect 'Burnerman' will be along shortly, I'm sure he will know.

Indeed Peter - yet another failed electric water switch on the bulkhead I guess....they have a 10:1 failure rate versus the dash knob.
Ah progress! :p
John :)
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