Cat mess. Have your say on code of practice

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18 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
There have been many many posts on here complaining about cat mess.

The consultation for the Animal Welfare Act code of practice for owning cats is now open:

I urge people to comment via letter or email and try and get something stronger written in about people keeping their pets on their own property
It's my view that an owner can't possibly be looking after the welfare of their animal if they've no idea where it is.
Owners shouldn't be using your property to provide their cats needs. If their house and garden isn't suitable they shouldn't have a cat.

"It may be safer to keep cats indoors at night" is simply too weak and not what we were promised when the act was originally passed.

If an owner lets their cat roam free and it gets injured they should be prosecuted.

This code of practice will basically confirm for the first time that people can legally let their cat loose to mess all over your property and so mustn't be allowed to pass in its current form.
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Jesus what a total waste of tax payers money. You’ve obviously never owned a cat &, presumable, you don’t even like them! Unlike dogs, they are free spirits; you can’t keep a cat inside all its life. I’ve seen & had to re-train the neurotic, introverted results of that in several cats we’ve adopted from the cat’s protection league; it’s impractical & extremely cruel to keep a cat locked away. Cats are extremely good climbers in case you hadn’t noticed, how do you propose an owner keeps their cat inside their own boundary, net the whole garden over; I suspect LABC might have something to say about that! OK they poo but it’s smaller than dogs poo & at least they bury theirs; they don’t **** up every other tree or lamppost or rip small children to pieces. If you have a particular cat nuisance in your garden (if in fact it is cats), there are simple measures you can take to deter them; or get your own & that will keep the others away! I don’t understand why folks like you get so upset about cats; get a life!
I have asked my cat to read this & respond.

All I could make out was "Meoowwwww".

I hope that helps you with your quest. :D

P.S. what next, nappies for birds? squirrel toilets?
Thinking about it, I have never ever seen cat poop on a pavement, the road or the canal tow path. I cant see the problem?

EDIT: Just read through the document, what a load of tosh.

Looks like a good "how to look after your cat" document but IMO should not become part of any law or regulations.
MrA has posted this on a number of sites and still hasn't realised that this act is to provide for the welfare of the animal rather than the control of it :rolleyes:
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Yes, reading the doc I could not find anything about it saying that people should control where a cat poops.

Give them a litter tray yes, stop them pooping next door no.

And when the possibly forthcoming documents, laws & regulations are translated into cat language something may be done about it, not till then.

However, it is a good suggestion for the welfare of cats.

Should we expect them for all pets too? I.E. goldfish?

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