CCTV DVR + 4 Cam Kits

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nothing wrong with that kit, but bear in mind you do get what you pay for.
cmos cameras are not as good as ccd cameras
Thanks Breezer, there is a few things putting me off the other option is to buy everything separately but the kits are good value esp as I am starting from scratch.

In the shop it says down from £499 to £299 but the website states £399-£299 seems a bit out but who knows ?

Prob really looking for CCD, 15-20M nightvision & 420-450lines going by what I have read.

DVR looks good though.


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The eBuyer kit is 100% better, that DVR that is supplied is absolutely brilliant for such a budget peice of kit. The only thing I would say is, don't be fooled by the 10M night time range. The IR lamps on those type of cameras are a bit week, it will be 10M best case scenario. Also a consideration when fitting the cameras with built-in LED's is that they DO need cleaning regularly, as soon as you get a bit of muck on the lens you start to get IR bounce-back and even worse is when a spider decides he likes the warmth of the LED's and builds his web across the lens, this just completely whites-out the whole picture. Having said all this, by the looks of that kit it seems like good value for money, it would make a cracking domestic CCTV installation.
I've just bought and installed this system from TLC...

its on offer too! Very pleased with the results and night vision is good too, i have got security lights as well so for me the night vision quality wasn't much of a factor, its good but I'm sure there's better out there. Anyway for me it was an all in one solution that I'm more than pleased with. The hard drive is easy to upgrade and programming it is a doddle.

All the best
Thanks Ape just what I was thinking & thanks for an other option dannyboi2003 I hadn't seen that one.

If I could just get slightly better resolution, & 20m night vision for under £400 with a DVR (credit crunch has dropped my budget by a ton !) I'll be happy. Any more deals on kits out there


IMHO I would say that 420TVL on those cameras is more than adequate when recording on a DVR of that caliber. You won't really see the benefits of a camera with a higher resolution.

As for the IR range, you would be better creating more ambient light in the location as opposed to relying on IR, especially if you are maybe looking down a drive way etc... (only guessing here), as tarmac, gravel, concrete etc just absorb IR light and give quite poor night time pictures (unless the scene is properly flooded with IR light). Also with the built-in LED IR cameras, you tend to get "hot rings" of intense IR light as opposed to a nice spread, this is due to the LED design generally giving off light at an angle of only 15 degrees.
Anyway, I babble on... If you do insist on longer range IR then you will probably have to buy the cameras seperate to the DVR, as most of the "kits" available on the market tend only to provide the cheap and cheerful cameras with 10-15M IR.
Hi Co...

Just FYI, the DVR you were looking at from ebuyer, also offers the ability to view it over the internet.

The main difference between the ebuyer & cctvdirect kits seem to be the improved cameras with cctvdirect.

Good Luck

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