20 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom
hi all,

I am contemplating on fixing a CCTV system for my house. just a few days back my neighbour noticed a scumbag who hurriedly left our shared drive as he drove in, around 9.30pm! prevention is better than cure is my thinking.

have researched a bit on this subject and as i understand it so far, i would like to go for:
- min 4 cams, preferably expandable up to 8.
- zero lux cameras, not necessarily movable, fixed is fine the way my house is and if i can get 4 cams.. (plus who's going to keep moving them all the time)
- 25fps recording at 704x5xx TVL on minimum 4 cameras, simultanously.
- USB video backup option
- remote (internet plus mobile) viewing capability

so those in essence form my requirements.

what do folk think please. am i on the right track. plus i'm thinking of a DIY install.

Are their any recommendations with regard to DVRs particularly..


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More Pixels!

Even if it means less cameras.

4 angles showing some fuzzy scrote break into your house isnt much use, one image showing a decent high resolution shot of what they look like on the other hand...
thanks, hence my thinking of 25fps recording at 704x5xx TVL?

is that resolution not enough u think?..
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phew thanks

thats blo0dy annoying now! - the quality is worlds apart!!

thing is, the price is too!

back to teh drawing board...
quality is so good i think i agree - forget about 4 cams with 8-cam upgradability lol,

i'd rather go for a proper DVR and one cam for now, can maybe treat myself for xmas with another 2 later on!

one confusing thing about adverts is - although teh DVR may support HD-SDI, whether that's when just one cam is connected or whether that stays true even when 4 cams are connected.

how do i figure that out?
The other option is IP/ethernet rather than HD-SDI.

I'm sure you can get HD capable IP DVR's
i doubt there is any chance of sending HD quality video over wireless, let alone multiple cams not just one.

just seen

i'm guessing even the router they show must be a gigabit router as opposed to being the standard router..

and then imagine your home network carrying all that video traffic - the computers will become really slow to even browse the internet.

correcting that is another job- a dual network router so that the video traffic runs in a separate network, allowing your computers to browse the internet in a separate network..
Use cables and a router solely for the cctv. The NVR may have two ethernet ports which will allow you to connect the CCTV router (with PoE?) to one and your domestic network to the other. Alternatively, try and use different subnets and use a switch rather than a router.

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