CCTV, poor night vision

Your getting like your mate, calling people names when all else fails.
But there is something fishy about that picture.

Not all was told how its being "taken" is it.

Using a 12lb line for a few ounce fish is most certainly not fishing.
And it matters not what "You" call it, a few million would disagree with you.

12lb line is used, to stop the spinner from snappin the line when casting, of course you should of knowen that especialy when fishing over rough ground, or having to hall a fish 40ft up from the sea when fishing from a pier, i think you will find a mackrel weighs between 300 to 500g, so most certainly not a few ounces, more like up to 18 ounces, i used to fish comepetions in the club.

nothing fishy about that pic at all.

you also called me a name, pot kettle black.

it does matter what "i" call it as thats MY opinion. alot of sea anglers would fully agree that fishing from a stocked lake is not fishing - where is the fun in that?

you also seem to be in bed with your mate too.
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Never seen the Thames. The Severn or others called stocked lakes before.
Nor the rivers or lakes in the Lake District.

Your again limited on your views having only one perspective to look from.
Rather typical of a few here ATM.

Your correct I said "knobler", as it was apt. But I shall refrain. And keep to much better descriptions from now on.

A "lot" of sea not that many in the overall then. As I said.

As for being in bed with someone, I fail to see where that comes into things.
I agree along with another there is a item in the picture that goes against what you have stated.
It is obvious in a certain reflection.
Called enhancement, to admit what ?
alarm in jargo free relating to that image tell me what is wrong with it, i will then take the pic again, this time with the camera on screen menu turned on at the same time, to show you what the camera is set too. what reflection, what are you trying to say? that i have used some form of trickery on that camera?

i take no pleasure in bickering, with you, but i will not tolerare or allow people to belittle me, as i have said before i respect you, why not show some respect back and have a nice time talking about things on here rather then all this crap?
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The question was simple enough to understand.

The CAMERA. Where it is fitted, what is near it.

What your other question has to do with anything is beyond me.
camera on wall, nothing is near it apart from bricks, and a street light about errrm 8 meters dignoaly from the camera

cos you have come on late, so i was assuming you have had a night out, just interested in how you have spent your night jees.
I asked for a picture of the camera not a description.

Want the gory details of an over extended PTA meeting?
im not going out side at this time of night to take a pic, if you tell me why you wanted a pic of the camera, i may be able to assist you further in what you are wanting to know.

and no i dont want the details lol, was just wondering what you had been up to.

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