Central heating mystery or misery

1 Apr 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a cold downstairs radiator.

I have recently had a towel rail fitted which was connected via 15mm polyplum to a T peice polyplum to a 22mm feed and return copper central heating pipes.

The 22mm pipe feeds the newly installed towl rail then a radiator in the bedroom then it dropps to 15mm and runs down the wall to the cold ratiaor downstairs.

The towl rail is hot, the bedroom is hot, the pipe starts to cool and is cold to the touch befor it dropps down the wall to the radiator.

So, im confused?!

It must pass through the newly installed T peice becuase it heats the bedroom radiator but stopps near the reduction from 22mm to 15mm?! Could it be blocked?

Have run sludge remover through system for 2 weeks.

Thanks for any advice
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The towl rail is hot, the bedroom is hot, the pipe starts to cool and is cold to the touch befor it dropps down the wall to the radiator.

turn the towel rail and other rad off and open the cold one fully :idea:
pos air lock, turn off other rads and see what happens
Sorry guys i forgot to mention

I have closed all rads off and upped pump speed and central heating heat
to try and clear. also have fully bled system and checked, it has no more air.

the cold rad is open both sides and does not have a stuck temp valve

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could be that you have tee'd both sides of the rad into the flow and not one on the flow and one on the return

The towl rail is the only new additon. It looks as though it is connected correcly Im no plumber but one goes into flow and the other goes into return, i can trace the pipe work start to finish. The other rads are exsisting rads and have always worked. They have had no changes to them.(checked though)

If you did not do it yourself, get the guy back who did it. You paid for it, and if you do anything yourself now, he can blame the problem on you.
I will try and get a pic on soon, it would show feed and return 22mm copper with two T peice poly plum , one one return and one on feed reducing to 15mm and going to the towl rail.
All other piper work is original and has not been touched. I can tell becuase of the dust on the pipe work and and the age of the pipes.
I laid the polyplum he just connected to the towl rail and feed return.
I can trace all the pipes in the system and have the floorboards up to check where it starts to get cold.


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