Chaffoteaux et Maury Britony Combi 80 flame pulse.

16 Mar 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi all, I've recently replaced both Power and Control PCB's as well as the ionisation electrode on my Chaffoteaux et Maury Britony Combi 80. When the boiler goes through start up sequence I get a flame, though it pulses, this chugs on for a few seconds before cutting out. Im so close to getting it working but am close to defeat on this! I then have to reset the system but it repeats and wont burn smooth. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
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It doesn't sound like your close to getting it working at all!! My advice is get a registered gas engineer to fix it for you! You've thrown parts at it, stop being tight and pay someone to fix it!

We all know the kind of faults you would have.

But the forum here does not give DIY advice on gas/combustion related matters.

You have already exceeded what a DIYer should have done. Now you need a gas reg engineer to check it to see if it is still safe.

It doesn't sound like your close to getting it working at all!! My advice is get a registered gas engineer to fix it for you! You've thrown parts at it, stop being tight and pay someone to fix it!

I doubt very much if your fault is electronic, and the fault that I suspect you have could be extremely dangerous, please ask a qualified RGI to remedy this , but knowing your boiler very well I would recommend replacing it, but above everything else stop fecking around with it
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Ive paid two engineers which were wastes of money and time,I figured out the PCB had gone and did need replacing so of course its not electronic as ive replaced that already, the engineer couldnt even figure that out. Problem is I dont have £2000 to spare at the mo. So as you have all suggested I will be taking any solution to a gas safe heating engineer to see if i can find one worth his salt who can implement your advice and cure the symptoms im seeing. I just want hot water and am struggling to get it. And im happy to pay. x
If you engaged an engineer to DIAGNOSE your boiler fault then you should not have to pay him if he cannot do the job or replaces parts which are not required.

On the other hand if YOU decide that you want the PCB replaced and instruct him to do just that then you have to pay him!

The obvious way to manage boiler repairs is to ensure that you engage a competent engineer to specifically diagnose the fault!

Always a risk there isnt it, theres just no garuantee of quality despite the yellow sticker on the back of the van. I suppose the risk is all the consumers to foot, it would be hard to enforce quality. Its unfortunate as always the few taint the many. Im sure the is someone out there useful, its just a matter of speding your way through the bad options. Any recommendations in Cornwall?
Gas safe registration is solely that the person is considered safe to work with gas.

There is no benchmark on fault diagnosis and most G-S people do installation or only very simple fault diagnosis.

Cornwall is a very large county with slow road connections! Unless you give a more detailed location we cannot recommend anyone.

Its not helped because your boiler is rather older and not seen as a terribly easy one to work on.

A British Gas fixed price repair would usually be a fall back for anyone unable to find a good independent. But its questionable if they would still accept your boiler.

As i cant afford a new boiler i need someone who doesnt subscribe to the standard throwaway mentality. If replacement parts are available it can always be fixed so I need someone who is experienced on the model and can accurately diagnose and fit parts. Im in Indian Queens, Mid Cornwall.
Bg would take up the challenge, if however, any parts that are reqd are deemed obsolete we would advise you as such. You would almost certainly be advised by our engineer to replace the chaff.
Bg consider parts to be obsolete when our normal parts suppliers can not source it!
Thanks TWGAS but that doesnt move me on. If BG wont do it because its considered obsolete in their eyes then theyre no good to me. Ill need an independant GE. Thanks for the tip of the hat though...
Anyone know how to contact Holty? I think he is not far from there!
Heres help from an enquiry on another site. Hope it helps someone.

A pulsing flame is a gas pressure problem. It shutting down is probably because the boiler thinks there is no flame when it goes low on the pulse and shuts the gas valve off. Listen to your pressure regulator and gas valve. If either is causing your problem, you will hear it. If so, smell the end of the vent line from it. If your diaphragm is leaking, you will smell it. I have specific questions but will throw a few general things out here for you. If you don't have a regulator outside of the gas valve, it is inside the gas valve. Try turning the supply pressure up or down a little. Remember where the screw is so you can put it back. Both under and over firing a furnace both have their own bad consequences, so don't adjust it too much either way. If it reacts to adjustment but still pulses, it is probably bad. Check the vent line for a gas smell. And of course, check all the electrical connections. Watch the pilot assembly when it shuts down to confirm why it is shutting down. Are you using natural gas from a city supply or propane? I'll check back here later to see if your still here. Hope it is already fixed though.
Not only is that inappropriate gas advice but it by an American!

Of no consequence to your boiler anyway.


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