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5 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
O, I am a gas safe engineer so know some basic electrics, but want to check this out first.

IN the room off from my bedroom, there is a single halogen light.
This switches on and off via a switch on the wall (funnily enough)
From what I can see, the wire from the light switch goes up to a tranformer, whic then goes to the single halogen. But, coming back out the 240v side of the transformer (looks like someone bodged it) is another grey wire going to a white box, from here there is two balck wires powering an extraction fan, which comes on when the light is on, and goes off 5mins aftee the light is off. Then there is another grey wire, again from the white box, heading off to somewhere. Treies to follow it but could trace it, i assume it goes to a junction box elsewhere.

Hopefully you are still with me. What i want to do, is swap the single, recessed halogen, with a standard halogeg (3 bulb) fitting. I was going to just remove the transformer and wire the light fitting as normal, but with this fan being connected in is confusing me.

So to recap.

2 grey wire from light socket enter into attic, 1 dissapears, 1 goes to the transformer.
Halogen is conected the transformer as normal.
ANother grey wire comes from transformer 230v end, and enters a white box (same size as an external light socket)
a grey wire leaves this white box and goes somewhere undetermined.
2 black wires leave this box and powers an extraction fan.

Heres a pic to help

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Is the fan low voltage?

Perhaps the white box is a fan transformer.

The grey cable may be a permanent live wire, as fans with timers need this for the over-run facility.
Should be a case of remoming the one halogen, taking the trany out and connecting your new three halogen fitting across the two switch wires and reintroducing the CPC to the fitting. If the joints are accessible in the loft space should be simple!
I wonder if it would be simpler to just get some 3 core flex, and use the L/N/E fromthe bedroom light fitting to power the new fitting. Would this work?

Then both lights would come on and off at the same time, ideal for me.

I could then use the single light transformer to highlight something, like a mirro etc.
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At the momemt the bedroom light came from b&q and has 5 x 30w candle bulbs in it.

Can I just run some flex from this fitting (so putting the L/N/E into the connectors of the light fitting, to power my new light fitting in the room off the bedroom (new light fitting has 3 gu10 halogens in it, no transformer required), so effectivley they will be wired in series. Just need to know if its cool to wire it like that.
ok, so going for 1.0mm cable

Would it be better if i went for 1.5 just to be extra safe?

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