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3 Oct 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi, I've just moved to a new house and have a lot of Hive equipment that I want to use from my old house (TRVs mainly). The new house has Nest.

I was hoping it would be a simple job of swapping over the receiver and isolating the T1 and T2 power (as Hive thermostat is battery).

The Hive diagrams look simple enough for the water (on/off) and heating (on/off), however I don't understand the existing Nest wiring. Apart from L and N, only two wires come up from the wiring box and the other two appear bridged. How do I convert this onto the Hive terminals? I've attached a photo of the existing Nest wiring.

Thank you for your help.


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Firstly, do you have a Hive dual channel receiver? If so then you’ll just need to wire it up as you’ve suggested. I find not then you’ll need a dual channel. Basically the Nest needs live links for commons, Hive dual channel has these built in internally, so no need to convert these.
Thank you, yes I do have a dual channel hive (hot water and heating). Before getting your post I wired the Hive up like the Nest, so linked the live to commons (wire between 1 and 2, plus wire between 2 and Live). All seemed ok (!!) Except I could not pair the thermostat as it says "Too many hot water zones" on the app when I try to add the thermostat.

So then I took out those two bridging wires, leaving live to hot water on and neutral to heating on but I still get the same message. I have attached how it is wired now.

Are you able to advise what I need to do? Thabk you.


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As an update, the hot water zone seem to work fine if I control from the receiver. So I press the hot water and we heat hot water and not the radiators.

But when I press the heating both the hot water and heating lights come on, which does not seem correct.

If I try to connect the thermostat to the app I get this too many hot water zone error message.

Cheers, Andrew
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It may have done, may not have done, but I’m not yet up to speed with Hive and how it works, sorry. Although if it’s working, it might just be the setup? Have you tried the reboot process?
Thank you, I changed my post above as heating doesn't seem to work, hot water does though.

I think I need to bridge between heating off (2) and Live?

No you don’t, all links are internal, heating off isn’t used in your setup. Is the temp set high enough? Is there a control on the boiler that need setting to on/constant? Was/Is there another room thermostat?
The wires from your nest in 3&6 now go to 3&4 on the hive receiver, NO links everything is already linked in the hive
That is what I have done ianmcd but when I try to select heating both hot water and heating lights come on.

Water works fine.

So I am not sure why only the heating light doesn't come on?

I have an Ideal Logic + Heat 30 boiler.

Thanks, Andrew
Ahh, you need to connect the T1 and T2 wires together, as these will have been wired to the wiring center.
The heating does work fine, I just don't know why both lights come on? Or whether it means that the water gets heated with the central heating on?

I also still get the too many hot water zones error message when trying to add the hive thermostat to the app?

Cheers, Andrew
I wouldn’t have thought it was that way (heating and water on) with that boiler. Are you sure it’s a heat only boiler and not a combi? Could the wires be linked somewhere?
The wiring is correct. It's just two on/off switches, one for heating and one for hot water.

The problems are software related, possibly because it still has the config from the previous property in it.
Heating and hot water on simultaneously suggests it's been set to gravity mode, which most properties don't have.
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Hi, yes it is not a combi, I have a hot water tank.

Is the thinking that I need to bridge 1 and 2 (hot water off and heating off)? On my Nest these were bridged, as well as heating off (common in Nest language?) and Live (I presume I don't need to bridge this one).

Thanks, Andrew
Thank you flameport. Yes it is in gravity mode (blue light), I thought I needed that as have a hot water tank?

Cheers, Andrew

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