Cheap dust extraction unit

And if you can put the vac outside (or near door) so the dust that does escape will be outside and not coating your garage.

All bar one of my festool dust extractors allow me to use a second hose on the dust extraction ports. On extremely warm days, it really helps. I can send the warm air from the motor through the hose and out of the window.

With regards to remote switching- I have 50ft of hosing for my HVLP sprayer. I try to keep it as far away from the area where I am spraying as possible. I purchased some remote control pass though plugs. When I want to start spraying, I press the button on the remote control and it turns the unit on.

I paid a tenner for the remote and pass through plug.

Something similar to this

If you are concerned that you will forget to turn on a non-auto switching dust extractor, you can use an extension lead to supply both the tool an vacuum and then use the remote control to power both simultaneously. Without using the remote, you won't be able to use the tool.
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That's a good idea as I already have a set of those!

Top tips on the vac and hose positioning too
The 'class' defines the amount of dust that is removed, 99, 99.9 and 99.995%, not the size.

But inherently the more that is removed means that more of the small stuff is removed. And the small micron sized dust is the stuff that harms the lungs the most.

But at this price range you are unlikely to get a class rating.

More details here

You make a very good point.

The cheaper extractors will suck away the bulk of the waste, but the bits that are most dangerous will pass through the bag and filter and end up in the lungs of the people in the area.

All too often, people look at the lack of dust everywhere and assume that the work space is clean.

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, a DIYer is only going to be exposed to relatively low levels of dangerous particles. My dust extractors are only L class but I only do domestic work. I do however think that I need to consider shelling out £700+ at some point for a M class dust extractor. My occupational exposure to such dusts may be far in excess of the recommended levels. As a decorator, I guess I need to research the size of the particles that I generate when, for example, sanding filler. My gut instinct is that the sanding process will not result in particles smaller than the original filler powder, but I am only guessing...
Use a master slave extension cable or adapter to switch the vac on from the power tool.
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I made up an extension lead with a foot operated switch, plug in tool and vacuum and it turns them both on/off at same time.
My wife bought me the Festool Midi, (Class M), a couple of years ago. Not cheap but certainly effective. For any airborne dust that happens when not using power tools, such as hand sanding or lathe turning etc, she bought me a Record Air Filtration unit which collects the stuff you don't see until it settles at a later time. Add to this, I also wear a cartridge respirator, safety googles and ear defenders.
No price is too expensive when it comes to your health and buying 'cheap' equipment is just not worth the risk.

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