chest pains and sore throat,,,carbon monoxide,,,???

4 Jan 2014
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United Kingdom
hello,,,i recently moved into a different house,,,ive been there less than a month,,,after a couple of weeks i started getting chest pains and sore throats,,,also my jack russel who had been in perfect health before we moved in started having seizures and breathing dificulties,,,ive had to send the dog to my relatives and shes been fine since getting away from this house,,,ive turned the boiler off and not used it since,,,it is an oil burning boiler situated in the cellar,,,i read it could be either carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide,,,do i just get a gas engineer out to test for this or is it someone else i should be getting out to test etc??? i cant seem to find any info on who does the tests etc so would appreciate any advice off any of you gas lads,,,cheers............
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Are you renting?

A landlord has to have a gas safety certificate every year but there is no equivalent for an oil boiler.

I would not want to rely on a CO monitor alone as I would want to know the oxygen and carbon monoxide levels are safe too.

Carbon monoxide symptoms drowsiness, headaches and at higher concentrations coma and death. Chestiness + cough not usually AFAIK.

You are right to take this seriously.

Do your and the canines symptoms improve with boiler off? Or could it be chemicals leaching from treated timber/furnishings/new carpets?
I had symptoms like these when i moved to my new house, turned out to be spores from mould growing on wallpaper through damp.
ive had a kidde digital carbon monoxide alarm on for over a week and it is reading zero,,,ive had it allover the house,,,even a few meters from the boiler and still nothing,,,im just about to get one of the lads out off the oftec link above to give the boiler a safety check,,,see if theres any nitrogen dioxide leaking which i believe comes from burning kerosene,,,if its not the boiler it must be either mould spores or dust mites,,,theres no signs of mould anywhere like,,,but the building is timber framed maybe theres mould behind the walls what cant be seen getting through somehow,,,or maybe its the carpets full of dust mites,,,they look like theyve been down for donkeys years,,,the old bloke who lived here before me died,,,its got me thinking,,, a question to the lad who had mould spores on his wall paper,,,how did you find out what it was??? and how did you remedy it??? are there companies who will investigate things like this,,,like a sick building investigation or something??? to find out whats making you ill etc...............
turned ou to be the carpets,,,the previous owner had a few dogs,,,the carpets have been down since the eighties i reckon,,,full of dog dander,,,dust mites etc etc,,,all been ripped up and skipped.......

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