Citan Van ( Merc Kangoo) Clutch intermittent (flat at times)

28 Jan 2023
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United Kingdom
I started this thread a few weeks back and answered some of the questions I got back on replay (thanks lads) but it all went quiet so thought Id start again.

Got a Merc Citan Van (Kango)
Had the clutch replaced (not fly wheel) 2 years ago, the clutch pedal is sometimes normal but sometimes very flat to the floor and it barely gets the thing into gear. Next day its fine for a day or 2 then it just goes flatter with use. Fluid seems fine. Any Ideas or thoughts are very welcome thank you. Rob
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It sounds like the master cylinder is passing fluid the wrong's meant to pass fluid down the pipe to the clutch slave cylinder but sometimes can misbehave, allowing fluid to pass by it's seals.
When it happens again, quickly pump the clutch pedal and see if normal service is resumed!
John :)
thanks John, i did pump the clutch pedal a while back on a number of occasions and this helped but as time has gone by its stopped being as effective. Just checked the recipt from my clutch repair all it says is supply and fit new clutch kit top up fluids and bleed clutch as required.
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thanks cdbe , i have no idea if they did that it just said clutch kit cost of the kit was as follows: (is this another thing for me to worry about? )
clutch kit £99.75
clutch fluid £7.98
gear oil £19.98
conusmables £ 3
labour £220
total £413
One of those things, like doing the water pump with a cambelt - only because you have access to it at the time. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
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