Civic slipping clutch

17 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi, I'd really appreciate a little advice. The clutch on my 97' Civic has the past couple of mornings been slipping for the first couple of miles in the morning. I've had the car for quite some time and I haven't noticed any previous clutch problems. I'm unaware of any previous clutch maintenance.

It seems like it being affected by being cold, but I haven't had this happen at lunch time after being parked at work for 4 hours or so. The car does have 126K on it so it's probably due a clutch disc replacement but does anyone have any other ideas what might be causing this.

Never having had to get a clutch replaced before, could someone give me a ballpark price for this?

Many thanks,
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Its a worn out clutch, simple as that really, 126K is very good for a clutch, get it changed before it wears groves in your flywheel!!!
I just had the clutch replaced on a Fiat. The clutch kit cost just over £100+ VAT. Add 4 hrs labour came to £325 with VAT.
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recently has new clucth on astra, it was 86quid for the clutch kit (plus 8 for sum oil??) the total was 251 with labour and VAT