Classic F.M

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The ladies of Arles had a lively reputation in La Belle Époque, giving Vincent the impression they'd be up for a bit of fandango.

And played on (maybe modern versions of) medieval instruments!

I think classic pieces like this always beneit from being played in their original context: the full opera.
This is especially true in one of my all-time favorites Bizet's Pearl Fishers Duet.
Admittedly given extra emotional resonance by the famous vocalists.
The original instruments make a piece of music sound very different. I had a concert of Beethoven's Ninth played on period instruments and it lacked the kind of power you'd expect from today's orchestra. No wonder Beethoven had to hammer down on the keys to get the right sound from an early piano.
Watched this guy perform at the Proms last night and was amazed at the dexterity in his...toes.

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Watched this guy perform at the Proms last night and was amazed at the dexterity in his...toes.

I saw that advertised and I intenionally didn't watch 'cos I thought it might be just too gimmicky.
How wrong I was, he's obviously a very accomplished player.
They're having a top 100 for movie themes and just played this charming piece of music...

Haven't seen Chocolat for yonks, and it's well worth a watch if you haven't had the pleasure.

*#1: Lord of the Rings.(y)
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Found this as a filler on an old recording of the Eroica. Very nice. Muscular.

When deciding which music could represent the pinnacle of human spirit and intelligence, [to go on board the Voyager space probes] Johann Sebastian Bach was inevitably suggested but – according to an unverified but irresistible anecdote – there was some dissent, because presenting music of such beauty and intelligence to any extraterrestrial listener would be ‘just showing off’.

The Secret World of...Bach

A mate sent this to me. I thought it was very impressive!

I don't often take to classical interpretations of modern music but that wasn't bad at all.
There's a guitar version of 'Here Comes the Sun' that you forget before he's even finished, and CFM persist in playing it, so someone must like it.
This music makes makes me shiver...

On the very eve of his death, Mozart had the score of the Requiem brought to his bed, and himself sang the alto part; Schack, the family friend, sang the soprano line, as he had always previously done, Hofer, Mozart's brother-in-law, took the tenor, Gerl, later a bass singer at the Mannheim Theater. They were at the first bars of the Lacrimosa when Mozart began to weep bitterly, laid the score on one side, and eleven hours later, at one o'clock in the morning of December 5th, 1791, departed this life.
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