Cleaning paint with a pressure washer?



Is it ever safe to try and clean masonry paint with a pressure washer?

I know if you use them up close you can strip gloss paint from wood, but if used slightly further away on painted cement or brick, can they be used to clean off any grime or light moss without damaging the surface of masonry paint?

Also, does anyone know if it's a good idea to use pressure washers around glass? I would like to clean and repaint a hardwood back door with small panes of glass in it and a pressure washer would be much easier than trying to clean all the fiddly nooks and crannies by hand.

The panes are too small and thick to break under the pressure, but I wouldn't like to 'frost' them up due to the abrasion of the pressure washer. I've only used one once before so I have very limited experience to compare it to. I did notice it dissolved the surface of some old and weathered plastic piping.

Also, can anyone suggest something to pre-soak a very old stone wall before pressure washing it? It's really filthy with decades of rain, dirt and a sort of very thin and hard moss-like film covering it. I cleaned similar stone before but had to keep going over the same spots to get it clean. I thought that if I could pour something over the whole wall night before, it would soften everything up so that the pressure washer would just cut through to the stone.

I wouldn't like to use anything that would pit the surface or risk discolouring the stone or stain the tarmac it stands on, so I suppose patio cleaner is out of the question? What about dissolving some washing powder in a bucket of water and generously brushing that all over the wall the night before? It does a good job of cleaning the blackened insides of tea pots!
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