Closing unused type2 flue/chimney need airbrick/vent?

29 Jul 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

I've recently moved into a new home and so comes the inevitable overhaul of the place! Among the list of jobs is closing an exisitng fireplace. Having read around a bit I understand there's the posibility that I might need to install a vent in the room when I brick/board this up to ventilate the chimney and prevent damp(?) I'd really rather not do this if at all possible, but understand if it has to be done, it has to be done.

So, a few facts that might be relevent to the house/Chimney in question:
1) House built in 1988. (Cavity wall with insulation)
2) Chimney is type 2 on external (non adjoining) wall, rectangular masonry flue up to loft, followed by cylindrical metal (stainless steel?) flue in loft of to roof. (need to check exactly how it exists the house. Suspect it's over the ridge tile)
3) Flue appears squeeky clean. Solid fuel obviously hasn't been burnt in the fireplace, and it seems a long time since a gas fire has been used. currently an electric fire in the fireplace.

Shout if any more information needed.

Relative DIY newbie, so please feel free to patronise me by explaining things in words of no more than three sylables and diagrams (preferably in crayon) :)


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I would of thought you would be ok sealing the flue up without the vent due to the smaller volume of a class 2 flue,
Also as the flue hasn't been used for solid fuel then condensation( if there's any) cant mix with soot causing more problems.
No you don't need to bither, just block and plaster, especially on internal wall.
Sounds like the chimney was put in there for a gas fire
with a ridge vent.

So no problem with damp. Just block it up and plaster no need for a vent.
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Thanks for the reassurance guys. Much appreciated!



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