Combi Boiler on Internal Wall

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The Avantaplus is a superior product and far better designed with a superior control system.
In what way? What does it offer that others don't?

Mt g, look at the specs and then open the case and look inside. But you have to understand the specs and know what you are looking at. Then look at the price. There you go, Sorted for you.
Those Broags are particularly quiet, and come with a 5yr parts/2yr labour warranty, as long as they're serviced annually, which may not be cost effective. Some merchants extend this to 5/5yrs.
Let's be honest, most people do not get their boilers serviced every year.

They're a bit odd in some ways, eg there's no on-off switch on the front, there's no RF programmable thermostat in their system, etc.
Oh - some of their tech help line guys have zero experience but a lot of superior attitude.. :evil: :rolleyes:

Internally they seem pretty ordinary, but sensible, though they aren't particularly installer-friendly. Some Good details like two air vents! Diagnostics are good. Don't think they've shown too many repetitive early faults.

About half our boiler installs are these now.

If someone wants a cheap cheap boiler though, Biasi's hard to beat.
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Mt g, look at the specs and then open the case and look inside. But you have to understand the specs and know what you are looking at. Then look at the price. There you go, Sorted for you.

I have looked and worked on both. I know them very well. I don't need to look up anything. I know. YOU need to look it up and tell me what this boiler offers that others don't. YOu've already made yourself look foolish by claiming it has the same parts as a Vaillant. It has NO identical parts. In actual fact this boiler shares much more in common with the Biasi you earlier dismissed.
So am I gonna get an answer or just more nonsense?
Ahem... can I just pop in before the bell goes for round two :)

Thanks for giving me a few more ideas and things to think about. Nobody immediately said that mounting on the internal wall was a bad idea which was my initial enquiry so I'll go with that.

Manufacturer-wise, I think I'll stick with what the installer is familiar with provided it doesn't clash with your suggestions... so it is likely to be a Worcester or Glow Worm Ultracom.

Thanks again...



given those 2 choices i would go with the Worcester.

I'd qualify that suggestion by saying go for a CDi ;)

BTW, did a read correctly earlier on in this thread that Baxi have been bought over by Broag?
make that 2-1 I'm going for the ultracom, solid reliable boiler. In double figures now, no failures. 2 more this month, one with WC.
I really only get enquiries for WB stuff mickyg so only reccommend thier products.

My local supplier has been trying to get an alternative to WB because of the five year warranty offered by WBAIs and has mentioned both Broag and Ferolli to me but the punters I speak to almost all exclusively want WB boilers so my hands are effectively tied.

The CDI range however is a very good boiler , IMO.

Ripped out a seven year old WB 24 SI II last week at the customer's insistance, it had had a replacement PCB in 2005, a HEX last April and the PCB was away again so she was sick of it.

I replaced it with a 30 CDi with a five year warranty and she seemed very happy about the extended warranty.

I'm not totally against Worcesters. The boilers seem to be generally quite reliable and the customer service and tech support is good. However I am primarily a repair engineer first and foremost, and they are a joke to work on, they were designed by a sadist I'm sure. I only install products that I would be happy to work on. In regards to the ultracom, most of the design is similar to the Vaillant, so very easy to work on and good diagnostics etc.. additional to the vaillant the side panels can be removed. Very good product, let down a little by its poor predecessors and reputation for poor customer service.
Totally agree with you mickyg re the repair side of WB boilers. I'm increasingly getting enquiries to repair and service their boilers and having worked on a few of the older boilers you would have to be a contortionist to get to some of the parts of the boiler.

Was at an old 28 SI last month where it was completely impossible to get to the shraeder (sp) valve on the EV, i was there for about an hour and half.

WB service was out and the engineer was there almost two hours trying to re-charge the pressure on the EV. Cost the customer £210 for something that should have taken about ten minutes to fix and that was with me not charging for my labour despite the customer insisting that I take payment.

WB insisted that there was no design fault on that particular boiler, the engineer must have been blind :rolleyes:

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