Composite door (heavy) problem?

8 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi, In the summer our front door had been replaced for a new composite door by a local guy who runs a small business who had been recommended to us.

The old door had a similar sized window at the side. We were advised that the property would look better if the door was centralized with narrower windows at each side. We agreed to this and a slightly wider door.

The new centralized door and windows have improved the look of the bungalow, but we have started to have problems that we believe are a result of a heavier door in the new frame. Last month the door would not close as it was catching the frame at the top of the handle side. The guy came back quickly and adjusted the door to fit. He then told my wife that he had had to glue in the glazing panel on that side to stop the problem recurring. We kept the door closed for several days as advised for the frame to set.

The front door now has another problem and I am hoping this will be repaired after Xmas. The door has only been used when the post or parcels are delivered since the last adjustment, but the door is catching the lock plate that is riveted to the inner frame. I am confident this will be a simple repair.

My main reason for posting is for advice on maintaining the door in the future as I felt the guy who fitted the door was showing some reluctance to come back again when I called him today.

Have I made a mistake in changing to a heavy central door?

Is there a risk that the glazing panel will break now it has been glued in?

Thanks for any advice.
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Hmmmm a good one. Did he adjust the door using the hinges or was the work all done on the side panel side of the door? With your description my guess is he's siliconed the frame to the glass in the hope it doesn't move over to the door again.

But now if i'm correct the lock striker plate in the middle of the frame is catching the door, with the door closed what does the gap look like on the lock side, does it get narrower in the middle? With the door open can you push the frame away into the side panel?

Either way its just some more adjustments, not sure why the frame would bow, maybe its too tall for the opening and has been forced in, maybe the sun got to it over the summer and has warped the frame, its not woodgrain is it? :cry:
Hi Crank39, Thanks for your reply.

I was not at home when he made the adjustments. He told my wife that he had adjusted the hinges. However, he also stated that he glued the glazing panel to stop the frame moving, so he must have worked on both sides.

When I called him to say that there is still a problem with the door, he asked if we use the door much? We do not but, we do not want an expensive door we cannot use very much for fear of it not closing again.

I have looked at the frame and it appears to be square from the basic measurements. The lock plate can not be pushed back into the side frame as it is solid.

The pictures below give an idea of the door and frame. The bowing is just the camera angle.

Right so he's done what he's done and its not catching at the top....correct?

So where is it catching now?
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Hi, The door hits the lock plate and has to be forced to close.

I am waiting for the new year to bring back the fitter so I can be there.

I still have worries that the door could drop again or frame move and the glazing break!



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