Condeming boilers


10 Dec 2003
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United Kingdom
Does Scottish Gas have a secret plan to replace boilers using just about any excuse?

Have just visited a property with a Vulcan OF boiler. It has been shut down and capped because it is spilling carbon monoxide into the room.

Examination of the combustion chamber and HE would suggest the boiler is in need of a service (bigtime) as there is soot aplenty. No surprise it is spilling CO- POC are unable to go up the chimney as the HE is blocked by soot.

Already the homeowner has been contacted by sales for a replacement boiler.

Would it not be a better plan to service the boiler as intended (use of analyser is NOT a service and has never been), and then give the customer an option to upgrade the boiler. He has been sitting in an icebox that his flat is, for the last few days.
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Ancient boiler, but it has done sterling service [presumably] so far. I reckon a service & combustion check should keep it going nicely. Subject to correct flueing/ventilation it should buy a bit of time to think about replacement.


Milk, no sugar ta.
A full service on any open flued boiler should be par for the course with either Bg or Sg, an emissions test in these cases should only be used a further assurance it is all clean and healthy. Perhaps he was a new lad who looked at a 35 year old boiler all sooted up and shat himself or maybe it sooted up as he waited to do the spillage :D
ahh the old vulcan what a beast of a boiler

down here BG just say they cannot get the parts and condem the boiler

What do you lot do when u get to a boiler that is older than my mum (which is oooollld) but functioning do u condem it or work on it

we will work on it but make sure the client is aware that only the work we did is waranteed and advise them that they should change it (we used to say that they would get trouble free heating for a few years but with new boilers these days we dared not say that ;) )
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How can you condemn a working boiler?, the only time parts availability is an issue is when a part is required. I know Bg have to notify customers when parts are reduced in availability but this isn't the same as condemning it.

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