Connecting a second Sky box to same telly....

27 Jun 2010
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United Kingdom
I've just cancelled my Sky+ subscription, it went off today. I have an old Sky box, and the Sky+ one. The old one will be connected to my panasonic hard drive/dvd recorder- it's far better than the + system because using autoview programming in conjunction with manual programming of the record times means it will change channels automatically, the missus can't interfere with it... I also want the Sky+ connected so she can watch tv in real time.
So- the Sky original is scarted into the panasonic- this hard drive is supposed to have 3 inputs- one scart, one dedicated yellow/red/white cable(input2) on the front(for cameras etc), and the same "Input3" on the back which also has S-video. The Scart out goes to the plasma telly, ALL audio is through a separate amp.
So- when the hard drive is on I can set it all fine. But I tried using a yellow/white/red cable via a(fully pinned) X-box scart into both inputs from the Sky+, the sound is coming through the amp, but no picture whatsoever.
I can see the only options as being:
1- Sky+ scart to s-video on input 3
2-Sky+ scart to red/yellow/white on input 3 (I'm assuming this x-box thing could be the problem?
3- s-video-s-video from Sky+ to input 3
4-Scart to Component on the back of the telly(is this possible- would prefer the picture to go direct without going through the Hard Drive?)

I realise most of my kit bar the telly is dated....but there must be a way of getting the opicture from the Sky+ through the remaining inputs on either the HD recorder or preferably directly to the telly
(That way I can have it so the OH can turn on the amp, it'll default to the channel for the Sky+, turn on the sky+, turn on the telly and pick the input for say, component)

Or am I missing something simple- ie using the old fashioned cable from the SKy+ to the Tv via the "RF out ANT in?"(does anyone make these anymore!!!)

My head hurts...... :confused:
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Just read that Sky boxes can't go through component via the scart? So I've ordered a RF coaxial male-female cable which is the oldest method of connecting the box to the tv direct. Can't see an easier option really.....!!
You've only given us part of the information needed to help you. You haven't said what outputs are available from the DVD recorder.

For example, my old DVD recorder had outputs (to go to the TV) via SCART, S-Video and Component. So it was possible to connect SCART (RGB) from a Sky box to the recorder and then use the Component out from the recorder to the TV. That then left a SCART socket free on the TV for connecting a DVD player. Yours might have the same or HDMI.

The thing with SCART is that it is bi-directional and is capable of carrying multiple versions of the same signal. If you are getting sound via the red & white phonos it suggests that you got the direction right. But no picture means that either the output device or the TV input is set to the wrong video type. They both need to match.

The RF cable will work of course. But it is the lowest quality connection.
He might have the wrong scart to component lead.

Unlike a scart to scart they are directional. I have scart to red, white and yellow phono leads in both versions (video out and video in). or if you want to cover all bases on one lead use a scart to phono lead with all six phono's on it. (use the three phono's applicable to direction)- Also assumes you are not wanting RGB components in lieu of composite video
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Used a triple RCA cable the way Chris suggested- old box to recorder via scart, back to telly via these 3 cables. Sky+ direct to telly via scart....
All works perfectly! Cheers folks!!!

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