how to wire TV, sky and DVD together

26 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
as per the title, i am fitting daughters plasma telly on the wall and want to connect it, DVD and sky box properly (hence the post) but with minimum sockets, i plan to go under the floor and run a cable from a socket to fit a spur at skirting level under the TV, from that i will chase the wall up to the back of the TV for the TV 240v supply, i will fit a shelf under the TV to hold DVD and sky box, can i chase power supplies for them down into spur meaning 3 appliances connected into 1 spur? :oops: the reason for the low level spur and connecting everything into it is to have no cables showing, i will also chase in the sky supply cable and scart to TV, every cable will be covered with metal capping, but thought it best to ask about the 3 x 240v connections cause if i cant do it that way i know someone will teell me how to do it
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If you are looking for neat rather than cheap then grid switches and outlets are the way to go.

You will likely find from time to time you will need to switch each appliance off and on again and let them re-boot so it would be better to be able to switch each one individually.

Preferred fuse sizes are 3 and 13 amp although you can get 1, 2, 5, 7 and 10 amp not so easy to pick up. You would not want to supply 0.75 flex with 13A and all three units may exceed the three so single fuse for all three may not be a good idea. However using grid system you can fit three fuse holders into same plate.

Of course comms cables and mains should not be run together so likely two plates anyway I see some nice plates for TV are now made with two std TV outlets and two sky plus phone.

It is normally considered 300mm between comms and mains but with good screened cable this can be reduced I would use Ali-tube cable for mains supply as it is better screened.

One problem with old houses is having to install RCD on all new outlets and since Ali-tube does not need RCD protection in itself it means you only need RCD at outlet not where supply is taken from.

There are special plugs which allow multi flex outlets and you could use one of these.

I have not seen any SCART wall sockets

To ADMIN this post should not have been moved he asked about mains supply not the audio video part.
Eric, thanks very much, thats the kind of info i have come to expect here!!
i posted on electrics due to the 240v query, so i dont know if any sparks will look in here, but not to worry as your answer is most helpful
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You could maybe sink a socket into your wall, and hide it on level with your shelf, behind your equipment. Then you could have your socket fed via a 13A FCU (Although you are allowed to spur off ring-final circuits, but would be better with a FCU - or 'spur'), and then plug your equipment in with the 3A fuses in the plug tops. Saves burying your other cables too.
This would leave you with better cable protection, and more practical isolation.

Just a thought.

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