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11 Sep 2003
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United Kingdom
my service head,meter and consumer unit are all in a concrete outhouse and I want to put the consumer unit inside.How far away from the meter can the consumer unit be,and if it has to be pretty close then can I just put a 100A switch in the outhouse and go from that to my consumer unit inside.Incidently it's a distance of about 5 metres from the meter to where I want my new consumer unit.
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i am 90% certain you cant do that, but wait for a 2nd opinion, but you could always ask the supply company to move it for you
Even if you can, you'd probably want your switch and last-resort RCD near the meter, as you probably wouldn't want 5m of virtually unprotected cable running through your house (that 100A main fuse is not to protect your installation, it's to protect their supply).

And even then, you're looking at, what - 50mm cables? (Breezer can probably lay his hands on the data tables quicker than I can, if he doesn't have them memorised).

10m of that (probably 11 or 12 by the time they're routed and dressed), won't come cheap.

Get 'em to move the stuff, and put you an isolation switch in at the same time.
You should be fine (depending on the board's requirements). I've had this before and done one of two things... You facilitate a 'wire-way' from the location of the existing supply cable to the location of the new meter position. Seeboard will specify the duct type, size and part number which is bought from Jewsons. They then join install a new supply cable from the old cable (making a resin joint onto the old one) over to the new meter position. This is unneccessary if you want the existing meter left in situ. The other option is to install a switch-fuse (not a switch or isolator) in the current meter postion and run an SWA from this switch-fuse. This SWA must meet the boards approval and must be installed and sized according to BS7671:2001. It's likely to be around 25mm though.
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i would put switchbox with RCD & 100Amp MCB at the meter then run your cable to the consumer unit, be aware that 100amp cable is quite expensive too.
I've had a chat with someone who works for SEC and they said the maximum length for tails from the meter is 2 metres.He said I can fit a switch fuse after the meter then run SWA cable, which must also be in bulletproof trunking, to the new consumer unit. He's even willing to put the seals back on the meter when I'm done,as he said it would cost a fortune to get it moved through the system as it were.

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