31 Mar 2009
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United Kingdom
I know in theory the olive alone should achieve a water-tight joint with compression fittings but some say use jointing compound on the olive, or a turn of PTFE tape (or both), or a turn of PTFE tape just on the threads. What do most professional plumbers prefer? Also, is any sealant ever used on the fibre washer of a tap connector or is it always used "dry"?
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i only ever use jointing compound on new olives.
maybe a wrap of ptfe on the olive if its old or been on/off few times.
never wrap it around the thread just makes the nut tight to do up.

fibre washers i useally just make it wet or suck it before i use it.
a smear of jointing compound on the olive

putting anything on the threads does absolutley NOTHING :idea:

fibre washers are used dry the exeption is immersion heaters a smear on these helps
Thanks for that. Not sure what plumbers used on immersion heaters in the past but it sets like granite and every chance of damaging tank when unfastening! - unless that's what happens to bosswhite over time?
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boss white, immersion heaters not good! how many times have you distorted or damaged the immersion boss :evil:
regardless of trying to heat it up with a blow lamp!
Wouldn't use bosswhite myself but whatever plumbers 20-30 years back used, it set like granite. Only consolation, it never leaked!
I use Fernox LSX - just a smear on the inside of the fitting. HAWK white sometimes. I find a lot of jointing compouds to runny.

I usually use nothing but the olive, unless it's old or doesn't feel right - then I use LS-X or a few turns of thread tape.

Thread tape can be wrapped round the fiberwashers and the tap connector, however, usually are ok without ;)
Lack of confidence lads. On a clean pipe old or new, no burr, correct fitting etc an olive will seal without any extra sealant. ;)
As i said Kev, lack of confidence, seems conex are covering their ssa. :D
i always use ptfe gas tape

dry fit, nip up to compress olive lightly, undo, wrap a single tape round, retighten nut.

if anything leaks then nip a bit more. never lets me down :LOL:

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