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18 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
Is a CORGI plumber allowed to connect a gas service pipe up to a new meter? The one I've spoken to so far indicated he could do everything after the meter, but not before.

The reason for the question is I'm having national grid move my gas service with my original intention to pay them the extra £60 to connect up the meter as well. I'm changing from an unboxed wall meter to a semi concealed box and meter, which, for reasons beyond me, national grid say they can't connect up. They could do a surface box or recessed, but at the front of the house I don't want either of those.
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Ufortunatly a RGI is not allowed to do the inlet connection. This is the gas transporters area. we can change meters, annocondas etc if we have the met 1 quailification and the permission of the transporter. Transco etc usually do everything upto the meter so am puzzled why they say they wont connect it. And the 60 pound you've been quoted sounds cheap usually its nearer 600. Am possibly thinking the 60pound is just to connect upto your orignal supply but if if is more than a certain distance away they won't do it!
I wish it was only £60, the actual move is costing nearer £675 :( The £60 is an additional charge for them to connect the meter back up, which they say they can't do in this case.

Looks like I'll have to phone them again to find out
- why they can connect up other meter types, but not a semi-submerged
- why they are telling me a corgi registered plumber can do the inlet connection

Is there a qualification level to be able to do the inlet connection? Something on apar or above the standard corgi qualification?
Yes there is a totally seperate qualification for gas pipe layers. but if they are installing the pipe line, sinking the box and issuing a new meter they should be connecting it as well. i'd ring them just to clarify that it's just the old pipe line they wont connect to. i had a customer who had his meter moved they installed all the meter etc but because his old supply was more than a set distance away. they wouldn't connect it. they buggered off leaving him no gas. :mad:
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It seems you need to be very careful you don't get a complete numpter on the end of the phone when you call up! After a few circles all is clear ...

National grid can't fit the semi-concealed meter because I don't have one already and they don't supply them.

My gas supplier is responsible for supplying me with the semi-concealed meter and they don't charge £61.26 to connect it up (like national grid were proposing!).

£60 saving, should about cover the phone costs :p

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