Cost for replacement guttering, downpipes, fascia, soffits, bargeboard


12 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi, this question has been asked here before but I couldn't find anything recent from the last few years.

We're looking into having our guttering, downpipes, fascia, soffits, bargeboards replaced from timber to uPVC, house is 20 years old and I don't think the previous owner did any kind of maintenance. I don't know if the whole thing just needs cleaning and repainting or if the whole lot needs replacing so first question is, what's your advice on this? We don't have any roofing issues - I can't see any rotten timber and the drainpipes are just dirty and blocked, there's no leaks inside or out, house was built in 1994 but I don't think any of the roofline bits have been repainted in 20 years so would it need replacing or just painting/treating?

Second question is, how much would this be expected to cost? It's a 4-bedroom detached with a garage on the side. I caught a man eyeing up our property yesterday morning (at 8am - must've been keen!) and writing quotes on a leaflet after spending 10 seconds looking at the house. Ours was £2500 including 35% off for one week only! Wow let me grab my chequebook right now o_O

We had someone else out a few months ago and he quoted around the same but I didn't get to speak with him, my mother-in-law was 'round and she did all the talking.

We don't have a conservatory or anything so it's fairly straightforward access all around the house. The house is L-shaped, not that that adds massive complexity to the work.

£2500 seems a lot. I'm fairly sure the parts cost a negligible amount, maybe a few hundred, and if it's maybe 2 days work for 2 people, that's still only something like, I don't know £600 for labour? I've measured around the house, it's 10m long, 6m wide and then a 5m square garage which has guttering only on one side and it's joined to the house on the other (so the rain runs off into the house guttering).

We have 2 other companies coming round on Monday so I want to understand it more from people who aren't trying to sell me something - unless one of you live nearby of course :D. We're in Norfolk.

Thanks for your help.
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The scaffold might be £600 or so. Or running up and down a ladder all day might take two people a bit longer - not forgetting your responsibility for any accidents or injury to them if you allow that .... and that could be in several years time when the lad being paid £50 cash decides that your work caused him a bad back and makes a claim citing your failure to properly risk assess and follow CDM regulations.

The firm might also want to add something to cover their business costs, insurances, admin, office, accountancy and bank charges, machinery and vehicle maintenance costs, NI contributions, holiday pay and things like that. Or does all that come out of the day rate?

They will probably charge a great deal less than the hourly rate at the garage though.
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