upvc soffit/fascia/guttering replacement

23 May 2015
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Hi guys,

I recently noticed that some of the gutters need to re-aligned, also pieces of wood comming down of them.
I called a roofer to get a quotation , the guy told me its £2500 to replace soffit/fascia/guttering with new ones. (semi-detached/3bed house)
He told me current are too old (UPVC already, but no I idea when were replaced, can't find anymore the past owner), I also got a 5 yrs work warranty. I will get more quotes to have an idea btw.
My question is ,old UPVC soffit/fascia/guttering can't be repaired, do they need replacement if something is goes wrong with them?


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Plastic fascia and soffit should not need repairing and nothing should be going wrong with them. It may well go slightly off colour after many years, but that's it. If a fixing comes loose, its just a case of refixing.

Likewise for gutting, but additionally the rubber joints may leak after time.

What can happen is that problems with the roof felt, can lead to water getting behind the fascia and softening the timber and so loosening the facia and gutter. If that is occurring, then it's a much bigger issue, and needs to be addressed in addition to work on the fascia and soffit.

But don't let anyone tell you that you just need existing plastic fascia and gutter changing on its own.
Sometimes on the older small tiled properties the Fascias can drop over time as the original roofers nailed little square blocks onto the rafters and they sag. Have you got any pics?
What's a 5 year work warranty?
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here it is:


seems fascia is detached?
I cant make out whats going on at the end of that soffit, but you clearly have a problem with rotten roof felt, and water is not all going into the gutter but tracking back into the eaves.

Any work you have done should include the fitting of plastic eaves trays under the first row of tiles.
Just to update the thread I started.

After getting some quotes I decided to use Matt as the contractor for this task.
So the house has now a brand new set of fascias/gutter/soffit and looks fantastic, thanks to the magic hands of Matt's guys!
Excellent and efficient work indeed.
I think Matt can provide some pics of the freaking rot. The guys even found 3 mummified rats there :rolleyes:
It's fair to say he had his fair share of rotten eaves. All because a simple eaves tray wasn't installed by the original upvc capover installer. No after pics I'm afraid.







Thanks for having us work on your property. :)

Oh, I think they are squirrels?
OP or MwRoofline,
How did the rats get up there? Any indications that they used the down pipes or does tree foliage overhang the roof? Were birds nesting there before the rats?

I worked on an old property with overhanging fruit trees, & the rats used to enter the house at night from tree branches, and "search" the kitchen & animal food bowls - they would return to the trees before first light so the elderly owner guessed.
They actually seemed to be living in the fruit trees?

Apparently its common for rats to enter through roofs?
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Did it used to have straw insulation or did the squirrels bring their own bedding?
Vinn I always thought downpipes are a bit too wide for the rats to climb up. I'm assuming like you say overhanging trees or access via the neighbouring semi.

Garyo the rats moved into previous bedding left by the birds and adapted it into their own ikea setup. There were a few bird skeletons in there.

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