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20 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom
Croydon Council went bust with debts of 1.5 billion

Following the collapse of its wholly owned build g company

Brick by brick

Which proved very good at losing money but not much good at building houses
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Than there was Cambridge Council it to. Set up. A building company
This land

It has not turned a profit and un able to meets loan repayments from the council / council tax payers :)
Nottingham Council 1.1 billion in debts

Invested in commercial property speculation and a disaterlus Robin Hood energy scheme
Shropshire Council appointed a Consultant to look into the problems of pot holes

On 1500 a day
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The on yer bike award goes to North East Lincolnshire who provided 30 bikes to the job centre to allow claimants the opportunity to move into employment :confused:

Norman tebbit is well chuffed :LOL:
Cameron Policy coming to fruition and propping up parts of the property market. The Government was all too eager to cut funding and then throw easy loans at the councils to turn them into property developers. We won't give you money to run services but will lend you billions so you can buy offices and buildings.
The government's proposed promise to cap on public sector pay outs and golden goodbyes is supposed to come Into force next year

The cap is 95 grand?

Meanwhile local authotity big wigs are still exiti ng Town halls with wheel. Barrows of loot :LOL:
Poor Tranny cannot face facts like a true Brexxer.

Stick to plumbing. (y)
He can't. He likes to start threads on ...... politics, then claims he's not interested in politics.
He even goes as far as moaning at others that dare to post a political opinion in his thread on ........ politics.

Here's a snapshot of some other threads started by transam, the one that's not interested in politics. I dare say, if we looked back further we'd find one or two more. :rolleyes:

Looking at the frequency of his (non-political) posts, I reckon we'll have another of his (non-political) posts on the same subject about the end of the month, then another in February.

Now if you put China and transam into the search engine, be prepared for you PC/phone to be overloaded. :eek:
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