Covering asbestos garage roof

3 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom
I have a garage with a bad leaking roof, it's covered with corrugated cemete asbestos sheeting. I tried to get it replaced but as its part of a block of garages I was told £1500 for removal of my roof but everyone else in the block would need to follow suit so isn't gonna happen! I'm left looking at alternatives thinking I need to cover what's already there. So I ask if anyone has any ideas? I've looked at Acrypol or Flexcryl as an option, or should I consider reroofing with corrugated sheets over the existing asbestos?
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Acropol will work and you can get fibre glass mating for any large cracks, but I do not understand why you cannot get a modern sheet with similar profile and replace the roof.
Thanks for the reply, please understand me and diy are not a match made in heaven so forgive me if I sound a bit dim but Are you suggesting a corrugated sheet that I can just lay straightover the existing roof? If so will the fixing it down into the asbestos cause me any issues? I'm happy with seems the best option
I think he is suggesting you could replace the roof over your garage with new sheeting (asbestos free) of a simular profile to match the neighbouring garages.

Certaintly if this was possable (photos?) it would be my preferance. Assuming the garage is of a fairly conventional build with the corigations running from the front down the back (ie, the neighbouring roofs done run onto yours, or yours onto there) you should be sorted.

Typically from what ive seen these roofs fail and leak because the boards crack and breakup at which point I can see many repairs being other than short term fix before there is a reoccurance.

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Yeah thanks, unfortunately the roofs do overlap each other which is why I assume the company who came to quote me on removal said the neighbours would have to remove their roofs if I chose to do mine. I assume I'm left with the option of only covering my existing roof which is why I've looked at one sort of sealant or whether to overlay what I have with a similar corrugated material, I'm unsure should I chose the latter about the fixing down process on top of the existing asbestos
It will be helpful if you post some pictures as I do not understand why you just cannot just replace yours, I appreciate they are joined but so are a lot of roofs.
I will try and post a photo tomorrow, yeh it's basically a garage block with overlapping corrugated sheets. To be honest the firm who quoted me may well have been trying to pull one over on me cos I seriously wouldnt have known better but they tell me to remove mine would have been to remove them all cos of the disturbance to the asbestos??
If like you say I can get it covered then this is my preferred option so I look forward to hearing from you again once I can get a photo uploaded
The problem with coating old asbestos sheets is that the surface is likely to be a bit soft and friable due to age and so the coating does not stick for a long time - its generally a temporary repair for a couple of years or so

It is possible to replace just your sheets and lap the new sheets to the adjacent roofs. But there is risk of damage to the adjacent roofs so the owners may have to be prepared to pay something or you agree to replace any damages sheets
This page has a photo and info about a product used to cover an asbestos roof.
Would be alot cheaper than removing the stuff, esp if your roof is in a block.
The downside is these coatings don't last as long and will need to be re-applied every few years. Those planning to move house in the next ~5 years would benefit from this product.
The lap on your sheet and the adjacent garage probably falls midway, meaning a cut or running a full sheet halfway over adjoining.

We did a large coating programme for a council of the same and even had to capture the water used for cleaning the sheets as it was classed as contaminated. Back in the real world, you can treat with a bio wash and jet the sheet off, then apply a liquid coating, however, you say DIY is not your bag, so i wouldn't advise you to get on a fragile roof. You can batten between the troughs to trough depth and then install a timber deck with felt and lead or ubiflex dropping into an adjacent trough, but again, its not for a DIY er. The asbestos will be Crysotile, at the moment non notifiable (Until April) but as soon as you mention the 'A' word prices go up.

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