Cracks in Ceiling & Walls

14 Mar 2013
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United Kingdom
Moved to my new house 2 months ago, now all of a sudden (overnight) new cracks in ceiling,sides of door frames, corners of walls, some area is plaster board and as the ceilings as well.
There is also cracks in dry wall. The attic is a Truss style one and I have laid 3 floor boards and kept few boxes of unwanted items other than this nothing different.
House is 10 year old house, previous owner bought it new built and there are about 20 houses within this private estate.

No signs of patch up work being done by previous owner, had a surveyor do a report before purchase and it does not indicate of any faults!

Should I try repairing them and see if they re appear or get a structural surveyor in?
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Cracking to the edges of plasterboard is very common. It's not serious but is irritating. Unfortunately very difficult to get rid of completely. These days I have all boards screw fixed at 200mm centres and I go round making sure the little scamps on site do it properly as well. Oh how they love it when I do that. It stops the cracking though.
I would get a surveyor to take a look at it for your own piece of mind. There are a number of things that could be going on from insignificant to something serious.

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In less than 24hrs since I wrote this post i have spotted many more hairline cracks under window sills (this is solid wall) all wood skirting around the house has developed gaps, the sides of kitchen top (joint on to the wall) as opened up (the sealant has opened up) A ceiling just above my head (right now!) has cracked in a square!!

Is the house in real danger? I am very worried because I paid over £400 for a full survey just 3 months ago and have gone through it again and again and does not say any thing about movement or any other previous damages that looks like being repaired.

Am I the unlucky one!
These seem like shrinkage cracks due to a change in heating patterns

Structural cracks tend to be one or two big ones, not lots of little ones
Yeah, don't panic, my guess is they had it skimmed before you bought it, and it's now shrinking a bit. Just cosmetic. Post a piccie or two.
Skimmed - or the corner tapes giving out :confused: on the non skimmed drywall that`s beloved of spec. builders
Skimmed - or the corner tapes giving out :confused: on the non skimmed drywall that`s beloved of spec. builders

Thanks for the reply, to be honest with you I am novice to builders specs, and I am a first time buyer, had a look around the outside of the building this morning and found cracks starting to appear from under the windows (2 windows next to each other) in a diagonal angle, will post a pic later.

Bit worried and confused as it is our dream home, we worked hard last 7yrs to save for the deposit!

Any help much appreciated.

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