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Cracks On Walls

Discussion in 'Decorating and Painting' started by novaf4, 16 Oct 2019.

  1. novaf4


    27 Sep 2019
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    United Kingdom
    B49757FC-39BF-4812-B909-BE2E5BC7F854.jpeg 3A49D497-8D01-486B-AD94-A9CC13B6CB78.jpeg 97148CBA-F32B-445C-86C6-2E5C23CB5919.jpeg 6C5DF49E-31DB-426C-B24A-659686268DAC.jpeg

    Hello. The hallway in my flat still looks great after decorating 5 years ago but cracks have appeared where some walls meet at the 90 degree angle. The lady upstairs had a badly levelled washing machine which I think was the cause. When I did the decorating all of the walls where they meet were like this and I used filler so it’s the filler that’s cracked.

    I’d like to fix this with as little disturbance as possible to the rest of the walls.

    I can carefully cut it out with a Stanley knife, leaving a groove.

    What do you suggest is the best product to fill it with, that won’t crack under potential slight vibration?

    Once the grooves have been filled I will paint with emulsion.

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