Creaky/ Squeaky Metal bunk bed from Homebase

5 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

I was wondering if you could please help with a White Metal Bunk Bed that we bought from Homebase in Aug 2011:

The bed has been installed recently and I’ve 2 very good quality mattresses with it. The bed looks fine, however, there is one big annoying thing about this bed, that it squeaks/ creaks too much. I’ve checked that all the metal slats for the mattress are in the frame properly but I cannot get rid of the squeaks in the bed. It’s like a metal spring squeaky noise that comes from the bed.

For this reason, no one is able to sleep on the bed properly including my kids. I’ve tried it myself by sleeping for a night and it does start squeaking as soon as you move.

I am assuming this must be a commonly reported problem and there must be a fix for it. Could you please advise on the fix?

Thanks in advance..
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Just dismantled a similar metal frame bed, there were rubber washers between the bed ends and the horizontal members to prevent squeaks with movement, have they been omitted?, is the frame tight?, needs to be well assembled and kept away from wall slightly to prevent it rubbing.
Hi foxhole, there are no rubber waskers between the frame and mattress base. however I believe the frame holes where mattress base "slots in" have plastic inserts built into them.

The frame is tight enough, I cannot make it tighter. It is also away from wall and there is no rubbing. I am quite sure the creaks are from the springy movements of mattress base (made of metal) and the frame that runs along the base on both sides.
Have you contacted the supplier, if its a reported problem, there may be a fix.
I think you should have contacted them a few months ago.

I had a pine bed with slats under the mattress, I finished off put card under the slats & then screwing them down.
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thanks for the advice on copper grease and oil.

Do you want me to take the screws interconnecting various bits of the frame and apply copper grease?

The mattress base slots into the frame. I will apply some 3-in-1 oil and update with the results.
dont go mad just 3 or 4 drops and wipe clean after 60 seconds then 10 mins
shake the bed to assist the oil and let you know where the remaining problem is

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