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Creating a small office/gym in detached garage

Discussion in 'Building' started by garmcqui, 4 Apr 2021.

  1. garmcqui


    20 Nov 2007
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    United Kingdom
    Hi all, we have a detached double garage and I am wanting to create a small (8ft x 8ft) “box” to use as a home office when working from home, and as a gym. Will be relatively temporary

    Planning to use 63mm CLS studwork, with 12.5mm plasterboard on each side. Not bothering with skimming etc. 3 walls will be internal, one will be external, against the single skin garage wall. Am I right in thinking I need a damp proof membrane here? I have a load of rockwool left over from doing our loft, so was planning to put this in the walls too.

    Whole garage ceiling is already done in t&g chipboard, so will be adding some rockwool above this.

    Garage floor is concrete, what would be the best way to insulate this a little? Again, I assume a plastic sheet damp proof is needed?

    Thanks, any advice appreciated.

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