Credanet controller/Creda storage heater help

13 Nov 2015
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United Kingdom
Can you help please? I have moved to a flat which has three Creda storage heaters - model CNT24FW - which also have fan heaters at the bottom (and the only button on the heaters themselves is the boost button for these). I have programmed the Credanet controller which has 3 zones and I have programmed the temperature for each day and on/off times. Unfortunately the storage heaters are not storing heat and are stone cold. The fan heaters however are working. All wiring/connections in the electrics cupboard looks fine. There are two switches next to each heater - one for storage and one for fan. At the times the heating is not programmed to be on, both of these are lit with a neon light. When the heating should be on, the storage light goes out. I have no technical knowledge but am sure I have followed the programming instructions to the letter. What am I missing please? The only thing that was not right was that all the switches next to each heater were turned off by the previous tenant (whereas in the Credanet manual it says these should never be switched off to keep the circuit intact).
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I would make it super simple for yourself and set all 3 zones to on 24/7.

I assume you have clicked the switch under the flap to "Prog Run" after programming? Do you know if you have economy 7? I assume the boost button does nothing? If you're on E7 and have programmed them to be on during the day, that may be your issue.....

If none of the above solves your problem, call your letting agent/landlord, it's not your problem (well, it is, but you know what I mean). If you have a respectable agent, they should get an engineer/electrician out to you pretty quickly
Thanks for your response. Yes, the switch is set to "Prog Run" (having moved it back after setting each zone). There are three time settings and the middle one is not set (on/off at the same time as per instructions so that it doesn't come on) so it is set to come on morning for 3 hours and evening for 5.5 hours. So there is no daytime setting set. Yes, the boost button does work! But all it does it turn on the fan heater at the base of the units - it does not affect storage. Do you think it is right that the light above the switch for storage next to the heaters goes off when the heating is set to go on? I don't understand this. I have indeed contacted my landlord (private individual) but he is very unresponsive hence my post here as I am getting cold :) .
Like I say, try setting the timer to 24/7 for all 3 zones, see if you get anything.

If you're on economy 7 (and the heaters are connected to the off-peak supply) you won't get any heat unless the timer is set between 11pm/12am-6/7am

As to the neons on the switches, that is a little strange, maybe some photos might help? Of your fuse board & meter and the switches by your heaters
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Thanks - will try that. I know it sounds terrible but I don't know my tariff! I will find out tomorrow. But I thought, regardless of that, the settings for the timer are supposed to be the settings for when you want heat. They are not supposed to be settings for when you want heat to be stored. Or at least that is what the manual said! It doesn't say anything about setting the timer at off peak times. I have attached photos for info - I hope they are visible!


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Without knowing for certain if you are on E7, it's hard to be definitive, but from the first picture you posted, it's likely that either the flat was at one point, or probably still is on E7.

The idea behind it, is that because demand is lower at night, the utility company charges you less for your electricity for 7 hours overnight (times can vary due to BST). And the idea behind storage heaters, is, to utilise this cheap electricity, by heating up a big ole pile of bricks inside them overnight, and because bricks retain heat (reasonably) well, they stay warm for most of the next day.

I imagine the idea behind your boost button supplying the fan is to give you a quick blast of warm air from inside the heater, which is why this is wired to a separate supply.

Set the timers to 24/7, and then report back if you're nice and toasty in the morning
Good morning, sadly this did not work. All that happened is the fan heaters kept automatically coming on to heat up the room to the temperature on the controllers but the storage did not start collecting heat and all radiators are still cold. I can't understand it. All the switches are on for storage - maybe them being turned off before I moved in stopped them connecting properly to the controller? I think I am going to have to call in an electrician...
We have just bought our first home and having an identical problem. Please let us know how you got it fixed!
Hi, I managed to get someone from the electricity supplier to come round and look at it. She basically said that the system was so sensitive that it was being confused with the mild temperatures we were having at the time and that it was deciding that during the daytime it simply wasn't cold enough to warrant storing heat so when the temperature dropped in the evening it would compensate by just turning on the fan heating to bring the rooms up to the programmed required temperature.

Sure enough, when the daytime temperatures finally dropped, the heaters did start storing heat and are now working fine. The hall heater which is programmed as Zone 2 still hasn't stated storing but she said it was such a small space and was getting residual heat from the other two zones that it might never start storing, if the system thinks it is more economical to just use the fan. I was worried that the fans would be really expensive but she said not as they only come on for short bursts.

I don't know if this is of help to you as this was a few weeks back when, in my location, we were having unseasonably warm daytime temperatures and this might not be the case where you are now. But she said that they had received numerous calls from customers with the same system who said it wasn't working when it was just the system deciding it wasn't cold enough to store heat.

She said the only way to cheat it to confirm that was the issue was to set the required temperature and the fallback temperature to much higher than normal and then the storage heating would kick in.

Good luck!

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