Cutting a new bath panel to fit around boxing...

27 Jul 2010
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United Kingdom
Any advice on cutting a bath panel: the tap end / curved end of a P bath has the pipes all tidily boxed but now I have the job of cutting the bath panel so that it fits snuggly around the box...any advice greatly appreciated! :confused:
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Measure once, cut twice, you can't go wrong.

Did I really say that? :eek:

I have cut a few in my time and use a my jigsaw, slow speed with a very fine metal cutting blade. But you do need good support around the area of the cut.
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Thought I'd put my bit in as hopefully it can help. I'm not a pro or advanced DIYer so hopefully this will help those who think they have possibly a thicker/ more durable panel. The panel was from Bathstore and I needed to cut both at the top and ends. It seemed to be made from fibre glass/ pressed plastic and was about 3mm thick.

I tried aviation snips but these seemed to have a shattering effect so left them!
I then tried a very small fine hacksaw which created a clean line but was sooo slow I couldnt persist.
I looked at the stanley knife route but it looked very dangerous with no control over accuracy.
I then used a large hacksaw with very fine teeth. This did a good job but I had access issues to a point when having to do longer lengths.
My final and proven method was with the jigsaw using a fine toothed blade. I measured up and stencilled the lines needed over Gafer tape so there was some sort of hold. The other advantage is that the tape prevents the jigsaw from marking the panel.

If youre confident your panel is fairly durable, my advice would be to use the tape and jigsaw. Hope this helps

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This is odd - replying to a post thats over a year old, and quoting a link to a thread from 2007. What, dare one ask, is the motivation?
Not odd at all. I trawled through the internet for advise and found nothing that specific. Lots of methods were offered and I tried most in cutting mine. I found what I thought to be the best and to save someone in the same position I was over a week ago the hassle of trawling through I made a post to help! The motivation is purely to help and surely that is what this site is about?

Have no idea on the link as im unaware I made an effort to link a post and it appears to be a link to this post
This is odd - replying to a post thats over a year old, and quoting a link to a thread from 2007. What, dare one ask, is the motivation?
The thread link gets pasted in along with the contents of the post that was copied. Happens whenever you copy and paste a post off DIYnot. Schoolboy error, caught out by a duff forum! :p
Ohhh the technicalities! Either way, hope my experience aids someone moving forward as it would have helped me in reading prior to starting the job.

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