Cutting Porcelain Polished Floor Tiles

2 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom

I am about to lay a floor with Porcelain Polished tiles, using 600 x 600mm tiles. What is the best tool make the cuts with?

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use a wet saw with a diamond blade,take your time and dont force the blade then you should be fine.
Those are big tiles, so make sure that your floor is really flat or the corners will stick up all over the place and look naff. Agree about the diamond wet cutter. Spend time laying the floor out first it'll save time in the long run.
A decent manual cutter will be a lot faster and cleaner than a wet cutter, just use that for akward cuts. If you do go for just a wet cutter get one with a good size table as they are big tiles to balance on a small machine.

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Thats going to have to be a big manual cutter for 600mmsq tiles,not cheap and something only a pro would have really.Totally agree if they were smaller tiles though,a manual cutter would be faster :)
It's unlikely an amateur would get by without a wet cutter as they almost always have to cut narrow slivers off somewhere along the line. The wet cutter will do everything but the manual cutter won't. I can't get by without my wet cutter so I don't see how they can.
As far as neatness goes, the tile edges should go under the skirting so you don't see any chips.
a decent manual cutter would be the ideal tool, and as you would need a big one for the tiles your using, go to a good tile store and hire one out. they usually have rubi's on hire and are pretty cheap (around £5 a day if memory serves) unless you are about to embark on a career in the tiling industry, then go buy one.

and yes i agree with joe 90, im sure you wont get by without a wet saw too.
Get the floor as flat as a billiard table before you start or you'll struggle to get tiles that size to lay flat.

I've already told him that, why are you repeating it?
Here we go again,try to give constructive advice on a topic, and joe 90 chirps in with his usual pushy manner.Nobody has a monopoly on the wording of a piece of advice,if gcol wants to echo an opinion shared by you or others,so be it..... Oh God... that's me.... To be cut to pieces with a thousand Ragni's.

If I have echoed something Joe has said, it was unbeknownst to me - he is on my ignore list and therefore his inane witterings are invisible to me.
Just want to say thanks guys for all you help and advice.

Here goes!......
i guess its too late now but i would have used a rubi tx 700n. Would have saved loads of time. I wouldnt fancy wet cutting all of those.
i guess its too late now but i would have used a rubi tx 700n. Would have saved loads of time. I wouldnt fancy wet cutting all of those.

i think the general opinion is that the wet saw was for the non straight cuts stato and the rubi woud be a good choice.

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